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CEC - Preston Family Acquired Brain Injury Resource Program - Research Activities

The Preston Family Foundation Acquired brain Injury Resource Program, along with the Brain Injury Unit at Ft. Campbell, is participating in a research study to investigate problem solving abilities of service members who have survived concussive brain injuries due to IED blasts. The results will be used to make comparisons with individuals who have suffered other types of brain injuries.

Dr. Richard Dressler, the director of ABIRP, along with colleagues at the Ft. Campbell Brain injury Recovery Unit are continuing their research on effects of IED blast injuries on the verbal problem solving abilities of service members serving in the Gulf Wars. As you might have heard or read, there are numerous service members returning from the conflicts in the Middle East who have been exposed to explosions that cause a concussive brain injury similar to the kind of concussions that athletes experience. Although appearing physically intact, the underlying brain injury resulting from the concussion can have a negative impact on the service member's communicative effectiveness. The study is examining the usefulness of an easy-to administer test to examine the service member's ability to solve problems through a verbal question and answer format.


 Last Modified 7/22/13