Western Kentucky University

Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research


Practicum: Students will spend one semester in an adult education setting.

Breadth of Preparation: Students work with adults in a variety of settings, helping them to achieve their learning and educational goals. Students will see, first–hand, how adult education works and will learn best-practice approaches to working with adults in a variety of settings.

Students will be asked to journal their experiences, develop a professional development portfolio, and submit an updated vita.

Expectations are that students will evaluate their learning experiences throughout the program and draw conclusions on what they learned and how to continue their development process.

Further explanation will be provided in class.

Students will be required to take at least 40 hours of fieldwork for each credit hour of class. Appropriate settings can include, but are not limited to, the following: Cooperative Extension, Community and Technical Colleges, libraries, corporate training, adult basic and literacy instruction, institutions of higher education. Practicum projects may include curriculum development, program development, needs assessments with follow-up, among others. Students are required to obtain approval for the location and project scope prior to beginning their practicum.

 Last Modified 11/8/13