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Aging Specialist Certificate

undergraduate aging specialist certificate

Knowledge of aging is relevant to almost every area of study, and the Aging Specialist Certificate may supplement majors in various departments across campus, including, but not limited to, interdisciplinary studies, health sciences, leadership, social work, communication disorders, health care administration, psychology, sociology, hospitality management and dietetics and public health. The information gained through completing this certificate program can help individuals not only in their careers but also in their personal lives as they and members of their families age. Job opportunities related to aging are numerous among many settings including health and wellness companies, senior housing, advocacy and policy organizations, financial services, biotechnology, social service agencies, and academic and research settings.



The 15-semester-hour program includes 6 required hours in gerontology and 9 hours distributed across the three categories below. GERO 490 Independent Study in Gerontology (1-6 credits) and GERO 495 Topics in Gerontology (1-3 credits) may be counted towards the certificate.  For more information about the certificate, please contact Marybeth Hunt at marybeth.hunt@wku.edu or 270-745-3177.  


GERO 100 (3) Introduction to the Aging Experience

GERO 485 (3) Seminar in Gerontology


APPROVED ELECTIVES (9 hours) Choose one from each category below:

Biomedical and health services: (3) hours

BIOL 344 Biology of Aging

CD 489 Geriatric Communication Disorders

HMD 367 Nutrition in Aging

EXS 455 Exercise and Aging

NURS 451 Gerontological Nursing

PH 443 Health and Aging

PH 464 Women's Health


Administration, policy and management: (3) hours

HCA 340 Health Care Org and Management

HCA 345 Long-Term Care Administration

HCA 353 Quality in Long-Term Care

HCA 355 Nursing Facility Administration

HCA 471 Managed Care

SWRK 326 Services for Older Americans


Social and behavioral sciences: (3) hours

SOCL 342 Aging in Society

PSYS 423 Psychology of Adult Life and Aging

ECON 365 Economics of Aging

FIN 161 Personal Finance

FIN 444 Retirement and Planning

PH 444 Death, Dying and Bereavement

PHIL 322 Biomedical Ethics

PHIL 426 Philosophy of Old Age


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