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Courses for Aging Certifcate

Courses for Graduate Certificate in Aging Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Aging Studies requires a minimum of 12 hours of credit hours. All core classes and many electives are available on-line in a flexible format.

*Click below for a listing of classes being offered.

Summer 2014

Fall 2014


Required Core Courses (9 hours):

GERO 501—Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging

GERO 503—Policy Foundations of Aging Services

GERO 505—Development & Change in Aging Programs


Elective Courses (3 hours) offered on-line and face to face.

*Contact Director of Center for Gerontology, Dr. Dana Burr Bradley at dana.bradley@wku.edu, for other courses that may be substituted as electives.  

GERO 510 Current Issues in Aging

GERO 581 Global Aging

GERO 590  Independent Study in Aging Studies

ADED 520 Methods for Teaching Older Adults

ADED 530 Program Planning for Adults

ADED 611 Adult Learning and Development

CD 489G Geriatric Communication Disorders

HMD 585 Nutrition for the Elderly

HCA 540 Health Care Org & Management

HCA 541 Strategic Mgt & Marketing Health Services

HCA 571 Managed Care

NURS 503 Advanced Health Assessment

NURS 548 Primary Care: Adults

PH 443G Health & Aging

PH 444G Death, Dying and Bereavement

PH 464G Women’s Health

PHIL 426G Philosophy and Old Age

PSYS 423G Psychology of Adult Life and Aging


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