Western Kentucky University

ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships

What is the Hill House?

Located off of East 11th Street in downtown Bowling Green, the Hill House is a community development graduate assistantship program located in a neighborhood bordering campus. Four WKU graduate assistants live at the Hill House and work together to make a positive impact in the neighborhood while gaining hands-on experience in their disciplines. Hill House students also implement an applied/community-based research project in collaboration with local and regional partners. Hill House students also develop life skills that will strengthen their academic training and have an impact on their personal and professional lives and in turn, on their future communities.

The Hill House serves the neighborhood by improving quality of life, investing in human capital, and providing opportunities for interaction and a space for local problem-solving. The students' responsibilities must be fulfilled utilizing their fields of study, and projects will include applied community-based research, organizing community events, establishing forums for discussion, networking with neighbors and community partners, sharing your findings and experiences with the larger campus and Bowling Green community through appropriate venues, and documenting experiences through photography, video, social media, and written reflection and reporting.

 Last Modified 7/22/13