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History of the College Heights Foundation

History of the College Heights Foundation

The College Heights Foundation has been a Guardian of Trusts since our founding in 1923. Born from humble beginnings when a faculty member gave $100 to Dr. Henry Hardin Cherry to assist worthy and deserving students, the Foundation now has a scholarship endowment that has grown to more than $45 million.  Today, the CHF continues to fulfill its mission by providing assistance and encouragement to deserving students enrolled at Western Kentucky University.

The College Heights Foundation still operates today under the Articles of Incorporation authorized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1923.  This is an outstanding tribute to those who prepared our charter so many years ago to safeguard the outstanding work for which the Foundation was created.  The CHF has a rich heritage since our founding and this chronological timeline highlights some of the accomplishments and milestones experienced throughout our history.

College Heights Foundation Historic Timeline

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