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CHHS Committees

The College of Health and Human Services has several standing committees to address needs relevant to CHHS and WKU. Specific guidelines related to committees and their functions are found here in the CHHS Policies and Procedures.


For FY 2012-2013, the following standing committees exist within the College of Health and Human Services:


1. CHHS Graduate Curriculum Committee

2. CHHS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

3. CHHS Advising Committee

4. CHHS Dean's Faculty Advisory Committee Appointed by Dean

5. CHHS Facilities Committee (Ad hoc)

6. CHHS Sabbatical & Faculty Awards Committee (Tenured Faculty Only)

7. CHHS Faculty Campaign Leaders

8. Homecoming (Ad hoc)

9. Honors Committee (Ad hoc)

10. International Education Committee (Ad hoc)

11. CHHS Research & Grants Committee

12. CHHS Technology & Distance Learning Committee

13. CHHS Web Content Managers

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 Last Modified 6/12/14