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Chinese Flagship Program 中文领航

Student Profiles

Photograph: Sarah Schrader

 Sarah Schrader

Sarah, a biology and chemistry double major, is a fourth-year student in the Flagship program this Fall, and has just completed her Capstone Year in China.

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Photograph: Jessica Brumley

 Jessica Brumley

Jessica Brumley is an English for Secondary Education and Literature double major and is currently a Junior at WKU.

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Bailey Mack

Bailey Mack

Bailey Mack, an International Affairs and Spanish double major, studied in Taiwan in summer of 2012, volunteered in Peru during Winter 2013, and is returning to Taiwan in summer 2013 for her second intensive program at the International Chinese Language Program at Taiwan National University.

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Photograph: Allie Surina

Allie Surina

Allie, a mathematics and economics double major, is a second-year student in the Flagship program this Fall. Allie has successfully received 3 nationally competitive scholarships for overseas study in China.

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Photograph: JP Stovall

J.P. Stovall

Stovall, an International Affairs, Spanish, and Asian Religions & Cultures triple major with a minor in Latin American Studies, begins his Capstone Year at Nanjing in August 2013.

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Tyler Tyler Prochazka

Tyler, a Junior International Affairs and Asian Religions and Cultures double major, just completed his second year in the Chinese Flagship. In addition to studying Chinese, Tyler writes for the university newspaper, The College Heights Herald, and competes nationally with the WKU Forensics speech and debate team.

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