Western Kentucky University

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Mustafa Atici - Professor

  • cryptography, combinatorics and graph theory

Dr. David Erbach - Professor

  • software reliability, computational algebra, and SKyTeach

Dr. James Gary - Department Head

  • computer graphics, and parallel and distributed programming

Dr. Qi. Li - Assistant Professor

  • computer Vision, machine learning, bioinformatics

Dr. Huanjing Wang - Assistant Professor

  • data mining, software reliability, software quality modeling

Dr. Zhonghang Xia - Associate Professor

  • multimedia computing and networking, distributed systems

Dr. Guangming Xing - Associate Professor

  • algorithm design and analysis, semi-structured database

Dr. Rong Yang - Assistant Professor

  • Network Analysis, knowledge discovery, and Information Security

Dr. Uta Ziegler - Professor

  • artificial intelligence, intelligent tutoring systems

Dr. Michael Galloway - Instructor

  • cloud Computing, power modeling, programming languages, computer science education
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