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Writing Effective Memos/Emails

Session Format:

4 Hours Total (One 4–Hour Session)


Good writing skills enable one to respond effectively and confidently. American businesses recognize that the writing skills of employees at all levels affect the success or failure of the company. Thus, it is important that every written or electronic communication presents a favorable image of the writer and the company to the reader.


The participant will learn: (1) how to write a email/memo, (2) how to make memos more readable and effective, (3) how to refine writing skills, and (4) mechanics of writing.

Content Outline

  • Review writing process
  • Strategies of writing electronic and written memos: format, content, purpose
  • Practice writing electronic and written memos
  • Evaluating and revising electronic and written memos
  • Editing electronic and written memos
  • Applications of writing electronic and written memos for your work situation

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for managers, professional staff personnel, supervisors or team leaders.

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