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Matching Supervisory Styles to Employee Needs

Session Format:

4-6 Hours Total 


Employees often differ with respect to their supervisory needs. Some employees have the ability to work without a great deal of attention; others require almost constant supervision in order to perform at an acceptable level. Most employees, however, fall somewhere in the middle. This session is designed to show managers and supervisory personnel how to recognize these differences and respond appropriately.


The participant will learn: (1) three different supervisory styles typically used to motivate employees, (2) the type of employee each of the styles works best with, and (3) how the different styles can be integrated to achieve greater quality, productivity, morale, and overall efficiency.

Content Outline

  • Three primary supervisory styles (directing, mentoring, coaching)
  • Assessing primary supervisory styles
  • The different needs of employees
  • How to adjust supervisory styles to meet employee needs
  • How to motivate different types of employees
  • Recognizing warning signals that denote problems with employees and the organization
  • Common problems with employees and potential solutions
  • Using differences in employees’ strengths and weaknesses to enhance team performance

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for anyone responsible for managing personnel.

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