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Advanced Access 2007

Session Format: 

4 Hours Total (One 4–Hour Session)



This class is designed to further enhance your basic and intermediate access skills by learning such skills as using advanced query wizards, understanding and creating hyper links, exporting databases for the web, in addition to creating macros and customizing menus.


Participants will learn: (1) database management, (2) managing table and query properties, (3) creating macros and macro groups, (4) building an automated form, (5) using web features, and (6) working with switchboards.

Content Outline

  • Downloading a data file
  • Creating a macro
  • Using other form techniques
  • Using data access pages
  • Working with subforms/subreports
  • Generating multi–column reports
  • Creating custom toolbars
  • Using advanced database features

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for those who have completed basic and intermediate Access and are ready to advance.

(Prerequisite: Intermediate Access 2007)

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