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Advanced Excel 2007

Session Format:

4 Hours Total (One 4-Hour Session)


This is an extension of the Intermediate Excel class and will cover advanced features and student requests. Course content includes various functions, math features, and macros.


The participants will be involved in: (1) creating action queries, (2) creating macros, (3) linking to and grouping worksheets to creating a workspace in excel, (4) working with pivot tables and charts, (5) working with goal seeking, and (6) using more advanced formulas.

Content Outline

  • Using date functions
  • Statistical functions
  • Creating databases
  • Sorting and querying
  • Vertical and horizontal lookups
  • String functions
  • Using databases
  • Print Management techniques
  • Other advanced topics

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for supervisors, managers, and mid-level managers who create spreadsheets on a regular basis.

(Prerequisite: Intermediate Excel 2007)

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