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Intermediate Access 2007

Session Format:

4 Hours Total (One 4-Hour Session)


This course addresses more advanced design of databases and query design. Topics emphasized include report design and customization of forms and tables.


The participant will learn: (1) intermediate level database application design, (2) to customize forms with controls, properties, and expressions, (3) more complex query design, (4) report design using controls, properties, expressions, (5) table properties and indices, (6) enforcing referential integrity, and (7) to create macros for use with forms and reports.

Content Outline

  • Application design concepts
  • Forms controls and properties, forms with multiple tables
  • Select queries in forms, reports, and with calculators
  • Parameter queries, macro basics
  • Reports using controls, properties, table properties; indexing a table
  • Cascading updates and deletes

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for individuals who have basic knowledge of database application design and understand the usage of forms and terminology.

(Prerequisite: Introduction to Access 2007)

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