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Introduction to Word 2007

Session Format:

4 Hours Total (One 4–Hour Session)


This course provides the application of word and information processing and communication skills to produce quality business and professional documents.


The participant will: (1) load the Microsoft Word program and locate the menu and icon bar, (2) create, name, and save a document, (3) retrieve a file, change it, and re-save it, (4) obtain a file list and change directories, (5) select a printer and print, (6) change margins and apply enhancements, and (7) cut and paste blocks of text.

Content Outline

  • Computer and word processing basics
  • Computer editing keys
  • Menu structure and button bar
  • Printing
  • Text entry, file saving, and retrieving
  • Spell check
  • Basic document formatting
  • Working blocks of text

Who Should Attend

The seminar is intended for individuals who have little or no prior experience in word processing. A basic understanding on the use of the Microsoft products is helpful.

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