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WKU Asbestos-Free Buildings (a.k.a Appendix N ~ Non ACBM ~ Building Construction List)

Asbestos Management Request

An Asbestos Management Request must be completed by a University Project Manager prior to demolition, construction, modification or renovation (ie. painting, carpet replacement, wall removal or additions, alterations to HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, building component or system demolition or alterations, etc.) of WKU property, unless the property is "asbestos-free". The University Project Manager shall insure that the project complies with the WKU Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Program.

Asbestos Management Request Form



For questions or concerns please contact:

Laura Tomlin

phone: 270-745-2236

fax: 270-745-5037

email: laura.tomlin@wku.edu

danger asbestos cancer and lung disease hazard
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