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Thesis Track

Thesis Option

Plan A


This option provides advanced knowledge of the theoretical and methodological aspects of folklore and folklife. Course work will emphasize the history of the discipline, field research techniques, and surveys of various folklore genres. It is designed to prepare students for both academic and public sector professions and for further academic research.

Plan A requires a minimum of 36 hours plus the research tool. Specific requirements are FLK 577 (Folklore Theory), 578 (Folklore Fieldwork), 569 (Folklore Genres) (must be taken in the first year); three of the following genre courses: FLK 561 (Folk Arts and Technology), 571 (Folk Narrative), 575 (Folk Belief), 576 (American Tradition Music); 12-15 hours of electives selected with advisor's approval (hours depend on whether FLK 578 is used as the research tool); and six thesis hours (FLK 599, Thesis Research Writing).

The research tool requirement may be met by demonstrating proficiency in a foreign language or by completing FLK 578 and taking an additional folklore course. The student must also pass a comprehensive written examination based on course work and a program reading list.

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