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Math Placement Exam (MPE) Testing Process & Locations

Testing Process & Locations

Entering Freshmen: MPE exam is taken before attending the Academic Transition Program (ATP).

Returning Student Retake (Must be taken in a proctored environment):

Main Campus Students can retake the MPE at the Math Testing Center in College High Hall on floor 2R (room #2126). An appointment is recommended and can be made by either calling (270) 745-2141 or emailing: leslie.plumlee@wku.edu . 


To schedule a proctored exam at the DL Testing Center (Garret Conference Center #108), South Campus Testing Center (C 240), or schedule a proctored testing site near your home, please visit the DELO website at www.wku.edu/testing to schedule an appointment.

On the DELO website there will be a box that states - Students: START HERE to register for a test:

Question 1: (First, tell us your student status), you will select that you are a WKU semester based student.

Question 2: (Second, the exam you want to register for), you will select the Math Placement Exam (MPE) Retake


Practice Exams are available: http://www.wku.edu/math/mpe.php 


Explanation of retake policy (NOTE: The retake does not change the original test expiration date). If the first MPE was completed on January 1, 2012 then the expiration date is January 1, 2013. The student is allowed one retake during this period, but the expiration date is still January 1, 2013. The student needs to enroll or successfully complete the general education math requirement during the above time period, or they will not be allowed to enroll until the MPE is completed again.




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