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Our School Programs

Our School Programs

Hardin Planetarium offers programs for school-aged youth.

  • Field Trips to the Planetarium. School groups love to visit the Hardin Planetarium's star chamber for a full dome show, featuring current astronomy subjects in their science curriculum and a view of the current night's sky on the chamber ceiling. Free and interactive, these 30-45 minute shows make a perfect field trip which is terse, informational and packed with entertainment. Come early and engage students in a Scavenger Hunt for information contained in the museum exhibits in Hardin Planetarium's outer ring. For more information, click here.
  • Science Camps.  Three times a year (spring break, fall break, and summertime) Hardin Planetarium offers 1-week SCI (Science Curiosity Investigation) camps during which campers explore through action and experimentation various science themes. For more information, click here.

Students build their Trebuchets

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