Western Kentucky University

IT Division - Altiris Project

Benefits of Altiris Client Management Suite:


  • Reduced Cost – Through re-use, standardization, and automation, desktop management costs can be reduced by up to 20%, saving the university money.
  • Through improved reliability of WKU's operating environment, employees will experience fewer IT-related disruptions, allowing more focus on core business functions.
  • Improved Service Levels – With better technical support tools in place, IT can respond to support requests quicker and resolve issues more efficiently, effectively reducing downtime and productivity loss.
  • Enhanced Security – Through pro-active delivery of security updates and patches for operating systems and application software, virus and spyware infections can be reduced.
  • Improved Technology Transitions – Allows for smoother transitions to new technologies and applications with fewer disruptions to the end user.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact – Utilizing optimal power conservation strategies, it allows WKU to minimize its environmental footprint and save money.
 Last Modified 7/23/13