Western Kentucky University

Knicely Conference Center

Video Conferencing

Especially useful for:

  • Small conferences projected to multiple sites
  • One-on-one meeting sites
  • Recording presentations, lectures, classes, and meetings that can then be saved and shared

The Knicely Conference Center offers video conferencing to save our clients time and resources when needing to schedule meetings between people at diverse locations across the country or around the world.

This state-of-the-art system provides a high definition telepresence with both video and voice. Our clients can use it to cut costs and travel while boosting productivity.

Key Features

  • Two-way video conferencing
  • Can connect with multiple locations
  • Can also display PowerPoint presentations and computer files via video conference
  • Portable system which can be moved to any room in the Knicely Center
  • Has a high-definition camera

Video Conferencing Rental Fees

  • $150 for up to 4 hours
  • $35 each additional hour
  • $75 to record
(Note that room rental is not included in this price.)

Other equipment rental

 Last Modified 1/29/14