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Student Practicum Topics

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Practicum Topics


The following practicum projects were presented by Leadership Certificate Students:



  • Lead a Human Resources Program Change at a Manufacturing Plant, Tim Sheldon
  • Develop a Transition Program at a Community College to Encourage Students to Pursue a four-year Degree, Linton Hughey
  • Lead a Group at a Hospital to Increase Customer Satisfaction, Jerrod Davis
  • Develop and Lead a Mentoring Process in a Church, Lisa Estes
  • Lead Three Flash Mobs During WKU events, Christian Morton
  • Organize and Lead a Women's Conference at a Local Church, Gail Barbour
  • Organize a Conference for Community Out-Reach, Russell Bryan
  • Organize a Networking Group in Her AMS Master's Program, Mariettea Byerline
  • Organize and Develop a Mentoring Group for High School Students in a Church, Adam Duvall
  • Organize and Lead an Agriculture Extension Children's Outreach Program, Willie Howard
  • Organize and Lead a Kentucky Public Health Association Food Day Event, Prachi Chavan


  • Leading a Student Cooking Competition to Promote Healthy Lifestyles, Sara Clifton
  • Organize and Lead an ROTC Training Event with a Focus on the Motivational Techniques to Enhance a More Charismatic Leadership Style, Henry Lay
  • Lead an Awareness Campaign for the Senase Project, Hagan
  • Organize and Lead a Physics Conference, Dawn Wientjes
  • Organize and Lead a Group of Nursing Students in Leadership Development, Ms. Teegarden
  • Lead an Elementary Class Fundraiser to Provide Shoes for Disadvantaged Children, Sami Kautz
  • Organize and Lead an Intramural Basketball Team, Whitney Allen
  • Organize and Lead Empowerment Sessions for a group of Burmese Teenagers, Sara Moody
  • Organize and Lead a Point of Sale System at a Jewelry Store, Jake Downey
  • Organize and Lead a Group of Students on a Spring Break Mission Trip, Zach Feinn
  • Organize a Professional Speaker for the Communication Department, Melissa Meige
  • Organize and Lead a Vietnamese Women's Encouragement Event, Dao Nguyen
  • Organize and Develop a Vision/Logo for his Peanut Butter Company while in Scotland, Aric Johnson
  • Lead a Fundraiser Event at Lindsey Wilson College for a Fitness Center
  • Develop an Effective Virtual Team for an Upcoming Project with the American Red Cross
  • Lead a Group of Students to Represent the Kentucky Public Health Association at the International Fair and Conduct a Celebration in late October
  • Organize a group to assist the United Way of Bowling Green in fund-raising events; focus is to improve her public speaking abilities
  • Lead the Implementation of a Human Resource Evaluation System, Derrick Lottes
  • Organize and Lead a Musical Production at a Local Church, Meghan Purdy
  • Organize and Lead a Rural Health Effort to Collect Data and Digitize Health Records, Venkata Damera
  • Lead a section of DLI Phase I to Students during the Spring Term, Kyle Smith
  • Organize and Lead a Group of Students to Provide an Indian food booth during the International Festival, Meghana Gaharwan
  • Organize and Lead a Homeless Simulation Project, Jaclynn Skaggs
  • Organize and Lead a Group to Collect Shoes for African Children, Elizabeth Tuwei
  • Organize and Lead a Health Fair at the BG Housing Authority, Viral Upadhyay


  • Improving Dietary Patterns of Women in South Central Kentucky, Pragati Gole

  • The Significance Empowerment of Successful Leadership, Lamonica Brown

  • Managing MRSA Protocol Implementation, Salanda Bowman

  • Promoting Child Abuse Prevention Month, Venishia McGregor

  • Leading the Kentucky Public Health Assocation annual cookout, Rasmi Nair

  • Improving Situational Leadership, Clay Ellis

  • Leading Japanese Conversation Hour: Practicum of Charismatic Leadership and Situational Leadership Approaches, Daigo Hasegawa

  • Partnering with Bowling Green Humane Society, Vicki Armstrong

  • Leading the Luggage Drive, Ricky Garmon

  • Creating Connections, Opuruiche Ibekwe

  • Improving Time Management Among College Students,Ifechukwude Okwechime

  • Encourage the Heart, Luca Romano

  • Inspiring a Shared Vision, Michelle Mitchell

  • Leading Change in Safety Protocols, Brad Burridge

  • Situational Leadership Application on a Newly Organized Sales Team, Robert Hohman

  • Situational Leadership in Volleyball, Jayagar Prabakaran

  • Learning to Lead Change, Heather Green

  • Attempting to Develop Diplomacy, Andrew Johnson

  • Developing a Strategic Plan for the Bowling Green Public Works Department, Jeff Lashlee

  • Servant Leadership; Encouraging Deacons to View Themselves as Leaders While Fulfilling Their Roles as Servants, Zach Adamson

  • Business Strategy Model, Brant Beard

  • Leadership in Fundraising, Marcie Crain

  • Rebuilding the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Jonathon Randolph

  • Increasing the Effectiveness of Phi Sigma Pi, Daniel Moore

  • Enable Others to Act, Luis Soares

  • Leadership Aspects of Merging with Another Company, Robert Wilkey

  • Chinese Cultural Experience, Jia Jia Zhou

  • Leadership in Coaching, Mohammed Thaver

  • President Leadership in ACHESA, Shalini Singh

  • Leading a Rotaract Club event, Aaron Baker

  • Emotional Intelligence in a Non-profit Organization, LaTonya Kees

  • Taking a Leadership Role in the American Humanics Student Association Reception, Audrey Sutton

  • Utilization of Authentic Leadership in an Academically Sponsored Shoe Drive, Nate Willis

  • Leading Evidence-Based Practice Change: NPO Guidelines Update in an Ambulatory Surgery, Katrina Wood

  • The Study of Leader-Member Interactions in a Military Setting, Ryan Torres

  • Leadership Theories and Their Effectiveness in Teaching, Cynthia Anozie

  • Leading Western University Graduate Students to the Kentucky Public Health Association Conference, Shailesh Advani

  • After Dark Follow-up, Christ Kinney

  • Planning and Hosting a Family Reunion, Lauren Dowell

  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership, Robert Cameron

  • Renovation of Leadership, William Stuart

  • Path-Goal Leadership, Kaushal Shah

  • Aspects Involved with Style Approach Leadership for Revolution 91.7’s Mayhem, Chris Morris

  • Team Leadership in Dental Hygiene Education, Rekha Krishnamaraju

  • Building Trust in Kasigua, Kenya to Successfully Develop a Rainwater-Harvesting System Project, Lindsey Filiatreau

  • Creating and Implementing New Training Methods Thorough Leadership Strategies, Kendra Darnell

  • Coaching the I-Club Soccer Team, Hamad Alabdulwahed

  • Create, Film, and Edit Promotional Video, Michael Bolton

  • Chairwoman of H omecoming for Sigma Kappa, Jessica Bowen

  • Project at Meharry Medical College, Veronica Calvin

  • Effective Listening and Leadership, Rachel Reetzke

  • Conflict Management in Leading Multicultural Teams, Huan Rong 



•Created a student organization to raise awareness about Health Services on WKU’s campus, Alicia Azimpour

•Business Start-Up, Robert Bedard

•Centralization of Corporate Department, Georgena Brackett

•Served as chairmen of the “Community Building and Engagement Committee” at the Martha O’Bryan , Barry Callender

•Prepared district sales reps of pharmaceutical company to launch a new drug, Christopher Canon

•Chairperson of Human Resources Committee at local church, David Ciochetty

•Led a fundraiser event with Omega Phi Alpha, soliciting donations for children with cancer, Kayla Clausen

•Coordinated a benefit concert for local church, Adam Drummond

•Organized Spanish conversation tables to help WKU students improve language skills, Patricio Escobar

•Lead his sales team in an effort to achieve top sales in the region, Alejandro Garcia

•Leader and coordinator of BG Chapter of the Shofar Society, an organization for underprivileged youth, Juan Gonzalez

•Participated in the Spring 2010 Study Abroad Symposium, Erin Greunke

•Worked with colleagues on two product launches to enhance mentoring skills, Kevin Hawkins

•Lead a team in carrying out Altec Industries’s safety program, Derrick Helm


•Student leader of 2010 Master’s of Social Work Pre-Commencement Ceremony Committee, Dammeon Hicks-Marshall


•Designed and implemented intercultural activity, Yu Ping Huang

•Led a P.E. class for students in Tuscaloosa City District, Shana Jaggers

•Coordinated the Chinese New Year Celebration with Living Hope Chinese Ministry, Xiaowa Jia

•Created projects and exercises for senior women at The Senior Center, Holly LaFavers


•Coordinated a fund-raising event for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer, Taylor Lansdale

•Planned outdoor service for local church, Sun Young Lee

•Coordinated student trip, Huishan Li

•Organized and managed a cross-cultural yardsale, Komako Miyoshi

•Coordinated WKU's Relay for Life, Jeff Moad

•Created a Leadership Development Program for the Hilltopper football team, Jeremy Moore

•Created Spanish language educational program for local industry, Guillermo Magana Orellana

•Led a networking event for students, Caleb Parrigan

•Reconstruction of a hotel property, Vikram Patel


•Transition to New Quality Management System, Zoran Popovic

•Improved corporate financial accuracy for local company, Erica Reedy

•Co-directed LEAD staff at Kentucky Wesleyan College, Allison Ross

•Organized presentations at Healthy Days health fair, Tiffany Rozwalka

•Helped a non-profit job assistance center solve tax problems, Brian Russell

•Created community-wide policy change against Childhood Obesity in Frankfort, KY, Sherry Sebastian


•Trained district Yellowbook employees in Tablet computer usage, Robert Schmidt

•Hosted an exchange student event and led an international student award reception, Judy Scott

•Chief operational officer of WKU Students in Free Enterprise, Meggan J Selzer 

•Led a group to develop a new corporate calendar for international company, Michael Spoors

•Lake Property Development, Nathan Sprague

•Organized International Culture days at an Elementary school, Danielle Straub

•Coordinated and directed Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honors Society’s semester events, Morgan Wickline

•Global Team Building Project, Mark E. Woodall

•Helped Burmese refugees learn English and adapt to local culture, Li Zhao

•Community Development Project: Banjos, Bikes, and Barbeque at Myer Creek Park, Andrew Coin

•Alpha Delta Pi Bid Day, Jaclyn Hardesty

•LAN Halo Party for McLean Residence Hall, Chris Hodgkins

•International Badminton Tournament at Preston Center, Jieying Huang

•Establishment of Campus Bible Study Group, Thomas Jaggers

•"The World Market," Eun-Yeong Lee

•"Community Clean Up," Charles Lovett

•26 Year Anniversary Celebration, Walter Malone

•Lambda Pi Eta Fundraiser, Sara Pitts

•Community Air Quality Conference, Shannon Ross

•WKU Volleyball Alumni Event, Abbie Siljendahl

•WKU International Student Transistion Program, Yanjie Wang

•WKU Volleyball Spirit Group, Anthony Kyle Wilson

•Communication Graduate Students Organization, Cody Norris

•Quarterly New Employee Orientation Session, Matt Hunt

•Leadership Role in WKU SIFE, Evalina Petkova

•Lambda Pi Eta Induction Ceremony, Danielle England

•Omega Phi Alpha Run/Walk for a Cause, Jennifer Dulaney

•Organized Finals Study Session for Finance Department, Jared Holland

•Committee Leadership for WKU FFA Day Jonathan Tubbs

•Opened Anticoagulation Clinic, Janie Davis

•Retention Program for Nurses, Kathy Brooks

•Disc Golf Program for Girl Scouts, Dana Adams

•Membership Handbook for WKU Chapter of IABC, Amanda Belcher

•Employee Development Program, Tricia Beebe

•WKU FFA Field Day Planning, Haley Pendleton

•Team Leadership - Soccer Team, Duc Anh Quang

•Faculty Appreciation Banquet, Colton Wherry

•Race to Success - A.S.A.P., Brooke Winebrenner

•Organized Nurse Lobbying Effort, Wanda Hogan

* Kentucky Derby Royal Court, Heather Cowherd

* WKU ROTC Emotional Intelligence Project, Carl Duke

* Enabling Others Through Transformational Leadership, Jan Duvall

* Host BCM Men's Night, Daniel Gifford

*Train Local Managers for Early Childhood Services, Peggy Grant

* Teaching Leadership to Teenagers Studying Sustainability, Kristen Houser

* Organize Chinese New Year Celebration, Xiaowa Jia

* Finding the Rational Leader in Me, Vincent Louis

*Team Leadership in Forensics and Beyond, Ethan Millspaugh

* Planning to Stay Alive, Aurelia Spaulding

* Running Ahead: Leadership Assessment, Trinisha Taylor

* Enabling Coaches to Lead Successfully in a Volunteer Cheerleading Setting, Lauri Warden



•Professional Development Program for Bank Tellers, Danijela Petrovic


•Communication Graduate Student Organization (COGS), Cody Norris


•Quarterly New Employee Orientation Session, Matt Hunt


•Lambda Pi Eta Induction Ceremony, Danielle England


•Omega Phi Alpha Charity Run/Walk, Jennifer Dulaney


•Tutoring Session for WKU Finance Students, Jared Holland


•Opening an Anticoagulation Clinic, Janie Davis


•Retention Strategies for Nurse Administrators - Glasgow Nursing Facility, Kathy Brooks


•Community Partnership Project with Girl Scouts, Dana Adams


•Membership Drive for International Association for Business Communicators, Amanda Belcher


•Professional Degvelopment Program for a credit union, Patricia Beebe


•Co-organizer of Annual FFA Field Day, Haley Pendleton and Jonathan Davis


•Leading Team Research Project, Duc Ann Quang


•Established Communication Club Synchronization Council, Colton Wherry


•Developed PR campaign: Achieve Success Advanced Placement (ASAP), Brooke Winebrenner


•Organized a KY Legislature lobby effort for nurses, Wanda Hogan


•KY 2009 First LEGO League (FLL), Shavonna Smith


•Tour Project to Las Vegas, Shu-Wen Chen


•Community Partnership Project with Girl Scouts, Sara Miller


•Bowling Competition, Yu-Pin Cheng


•Design of Science Classroom at Ft. Knox, Mary Flowers


•Comedy on the Hill, Hannah George


•Health Screening for Nursing Home Residents, Charity Gore


•Development of a Situational Judgment Test to Measure Leadership Behavior, Kaci Grant


•Education/Scholarship Chairperson of BG/WC Branch of the NAACP, Joshua Hayes


•Hispanic/Latino Health Fair, Jorge Iberico


•Establish an Elizabethtown chapter of Gamma Beta Phi Society, Gena Jeffries


•American Cancer Society Event for Middle School Students, Melissa Long


•Sugar-free Fall Festival Program, Rebekah Pierce


•Lead Construction Crew Through 1st Phase of Project, Shana Sanders


•Professional Development Program for Bank Tellers, Danijela Petrovic


•Organized a Neighborhood Watch Program, Amy Tierney

•Development of a Garden at WKU Farm, Stephen Flomo

•Culture, Music & Dance at Barren River Adult Day Care, Suchala Sinamornwech

•ESLI Orientation and Assimilation Program, Supardi Tjhin

•Fall Recruitment Alpha Delta Pi, Lacey Vanderveen

*Team Leadership, Rebekah Golla


* Event Hosting, Christopher Hodkins


•Phi Mu Housing Project, Madeline Campbell


•Leading From the Field: An Experience in Collaboration, Betsy Kramer


•Taiwanese Folk Culture Night, Yen Bo Liao


•Leadership Workshop for Church Youth Group, Sonya Heard


•Fashion Show, Shu-Yuan Liu


•Thai Cultures, Korapat Sutthiprapa


•Executive Board Member of Up 'Til Dawn, Victoria Theiss


•Use Greenwood High School Leading Football Players to Promote Program Middle Schools, Joshua Tubbs


•Taiwanese Thanksgiving Party, Yun-Jung Wu


•DesiTV- The Indian TV, Saurin Shah


•Greek Week Tug-O-War 2008, Angela Anderson


•High School Leadership Conference, Diane Derosa-Reynolds


•Cultural Communication Program, Ling Ding


•Leading Change to Improve Office Operational Efficiency, Yu-Chen Feng


•An Assessment of Leadership During a Time of Change, Libby Greaney


•Taiwanese Traditional Food Cooking Competition, Yu-Hsun Huang


•Kappa Delta Greek Week, Lynlea Martin


•Greek Connection, Lori Morel


•Gamma Beta Phi Fundraising for Relay for Life, Sherry Morgan


•2008 National Institute for Animal Agriculture Annual Meeting, Cora Newsom


•The Breeder's Resource Sale IV, David Newsom


•Multimedia Consulting Group: Community and Online Outreach Marketing Plan, Kennina Porter


•Experience Thailand, Suthida Prasitthipab


•Camp for Courageous Kids, Stacy Robertson


•Minority Recruiting for LeaderShape, Shayla Overstreet


•Organize Retreat, Sara Seger


•Greek Week 2008, Caelin Smith


•Family Home Evening, Sarah White


* Neighborhood Watch Program, Amy Daugherty



•ALIVE Center's Volunteer/Job Fair, Megan Stokes


•Freshman Impact Program, Brandis Blodgett


•Counselor At Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Camp, Tim Gray


•A, B, C, D Scramble, Sara Hickock


•Engaging Women in World Photo Contest, Johana Lopez


•Recruitment and Selection of Leadership Skills in a Small Business, Wan Ling Wu


•An Evaluation of Leadership Ability in a Leadership Training Module, Christine Ashburn

•Are Looks Deceiving?, Simisola Atolagbe

•Analyzing Occupational Leaders, LySandra Bowles

•Committee Leadership: Theoretical and Practical Application, Tyler Chamings

•Community Assistant at The Gables Student Living Complex, Amber Christian

•Augmentation and Influence: Lessons from a High School Debate Team, Jenny Corum

•Leading a Small Group in Design of an Exit Assessment Center, Cindy Ehresman

•Take Back the Night, Allison Hayden

•Society for Human Resource Management Mock Interview Sessions, Brentni Henderson

•Promote Thai Culture at the Baptist Campus Ministry, Chayanee Kangwanprassert

•Charity All Star Basketball Game, Joshua McMahon

•WKU Rugby Alumni Association, April Schleig

•Guest Speaker Event, Peter Steiner



•Learning Leadership Through Music, Michelle Penick


•Establishment of WKU Thai Association, Pasuree Akarapongpaisan


•Recruitment and Selection of Leadership Skills in a Small Business, Wan-Ling Wu


•The Residence Hall Assistant as a Leadership Experience, Tzu-jung Liao


•Lao Buddharam Temple Trip for WKU Thai Student Association, Kuthilda Komsawet

•International Dancing Contest, Kasaporn Sukata

•A Clothing Drive, Stephaine Brown

•The People Speak, Matthew Ransdell

•Increasing Attendance at Western Sporting Events, Robert Ashby

•Created Cancer Support Group on WKU campus, Natalie R. King

•5K Holiday Bell Hop Run/Walk, Emily St. Clair

•Visa Status - H1B - Seminar, Seda Levent

•Officer Training for Chi Omega Fraternity, Kelley Manning

•Creation of a 4-H Handbook, Darlene Taylor

•Creation of an Office Training Program for KD Sorority, Sara Hartley


* Reenactment of Titanic for Leadership Illustration, Jin Gao


* Develop Leadership Consultancy Firm in Pakistan, Syed Mahmood Hussain Gardezi



•Awareness of 2004 Elections, Anna Bisig

•Internal Marketing Concept for Hospital, Lorraine Bormann

•Awareness of Physical Abuse, Shonreh Doss

•Transformational Leadership at Owensboro Community College, Stacy Edds-Ellis

•Alternative Spring Break 2004, Azurdee Garland

•Situational Leadership Model and Employee Perception in Student Activities, Nipa Jiantreerangkool

•Use of Transformational Leadership in a Rally at Frankfort, Patti Johnson

•Working at Local and State Levels to Improve Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Stephanie Lau

•Create and Conduct 5 One-Hour Seminars with 11-12 and 13-16 Girls at Girls Inc., Brittney Maslowski

•Prepare and Host an Intercollegiate Speech and Debate Tournament, Jace Lux

•Recruitment for Latino American Student Association, Bibiana Mayorga

•Leadership in the Public Speaking Classroom: Worth 1000 Words, Kelcey Newton

•Workshop to Help International Students with APA Style Writing, Elena Pak

•Intercultural Diversity in Workgroup and Leadership, Suk Shin

•Community Service Project involving Local Charities, Katie Dawson

•Utilizing Leadership Skills in a Company that Sponsors Cheer and Dance Events, Allyson Vena

•Assessing Skills of Faculty, Club Leaders During Student Teaching at a High School, Matt Simpson

•Organize, Implement and Lead Community Service Project Through Her Sorority, Libby Au

•Carnival to Benefit Potter Children’s Home, Sujata Kapur

•Success in Teamwork Through Leadership, Evelina Petkova

•Planning, Organizing & Conducting a Board Planning Retreat, Sue Parrigin

•Work on Election Committee to Elect Brian Strow, Lindsey Randall

•Organize and Lead Golf Scramble for Cancer Awareness, Lindsey King

•Host a Carnival to Benefit Potter Children’s Home, Wes Magill


•Operate a Shaved Ice business, Nick Todd

*  Leader/Follower Relationship, Jeremy Webb

* Instructional Leadership Behaviorss in Youth Soccer Coach, David Bolton

* Presentaion of Leadership Role as VP of SGA Public Relations, Abby Lovan

* Evaluating Romanian Leadership, Catalin Ratiu


Danielle Straub Practicum


Nick Todd Practicum Presentation

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