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Master of Arts in Leadership Dynamics





Our Classes are designed to meet the needs of diverse students for professional training that is broadly based upon knowledge from:




•organizational functioning

•leadership principles

•political science




The program emphasizes application: students have the opportunity to develop and refine administrative knowledge and leadership skills in a variety of modern public and private sector organizations.

(Electives outside pre-approved curriculum may be utilized within the degree program with prior approval of advisor.)

The Master of Arts in Leadership Dynamics program is a 30-hour program consisting of the following:

Core of Required Courses

COMM 531: Global Leadership Communication

ECON 501: Survey of Economic Theory

EDFN500: Research Methods OR SOCL 513 Methods of Social Research

LEAD500: Effective Leadership Studies

LEAD525: Leadership Ethics

LEAD597: Capstone in Leadership Studies


General Electives

Students may choose from a variety of classes in topics such as communicating during crises, the principles of accounting, the development and learning tendencies of adults, mediating and negotiating, ethics, and political geography. Other electives may potentially be utilized within the degree program with prior approval of a Leadership Studies advisor. Contact the Center for Leadership Excellence for more information on this process.

ADED 611: Adult Development and Learning

AMS 520: Resource Management OR AMS671 Quality Management

AMS 671 Quality Management

BA 505: Survey of Accounting Principles

BA 592: Special Topics In Business

CNS 555: Social and Cultural Diversity

CNS 585: Leadership and Administration in Student Affairs

COMM 561: Multinational Business Communication

COMM 565: Communication and Conflict

COMM 587: Mediation and Negotiation in Intercultural Settings

GEOG 525: Seminar in Political Geography

HCA 540: Health Care Organization and Administration

LEAD 575: Special Topics in Leadership

PS 520: Elements of Public Administration

PS 538: Ethics and Bureaucracy

PS 541: Public Personnel Administration

Other electives may be selected on an individual basis, with prior approval of advisor.
For information or to make an appointment, contact:

  Nevil Speer, PhD, Director

  Master of Arts in Leadership Dynamics
  Center for Leadership Excellence, Western Kentucky University
  1906 College Heights Blvd., #11067
  Bowling Green, KY 42101-1067
  Phone: (270) 745-8973
  Fax: (270) 745-5150

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