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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - A Surnames

This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room. 

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at

Aaron, Sharon Academic Affairs 5/12/1975-4/30/1977
Abbott, David Anthropology 10/1/1975-1975
Abbott, Gladys Counseling Services 10/6/1967-1/14/1977
Abel, Theresa
Abell, Linda Home Economics 6/9/1966-9/1/1972
Abell, Richard Student Affairs 1963-8/31/1967
Abell, Shirley Personnel Services 5/3/1976-1978
Aberle, Susan Student Affairs 8/10/1970-8/16/1971
Able, Forrest Physical Education 9/1/1963-1964
Abraham, James
Abromitis, William Residential Life, 1979
Absher, Matalene Admissions 8/30/1971-5/10/1973
Acker, Margaret History 1911 1918 no file
Acton, Mary Physical Education 2/1/1960-1960
Adair, Allen Military Science 1950-1954 no file
Adam, Nancy Personnel Services 5/12/1975-8/31/1975
Adams, Agnes Academic Libraries, 1977-?
Adams, Ann
Adams, Anna
Adams, Arthur Maintenance 11/1/1967-10/3/1968
Adams, Billy Agriculture 1971-6/30/1980
Adams, Bob
Adams, Fred
Adams, Jane Physical Plant 12/9/1970-2/20/1974
Adams, Janice Bookstore 1/31/1977-1977
Adams, John English 2/1/1962-1963
Adams, Judy
Adams, Lou secretary 1908-1913 no file
Adams, Lucille President's Office 2/4/1963-10/12/1963
Adams, Marie Home Economics 1925-6/30/1969
Adams, Robert English/Journalism 1966-?
Adams, Ronald Education 1970-? no file
Adams, Sharon Psychology 1/14/1965-12/10/1965
Adams, William Educational Research 7/1/1976-7/31/1976
Aday, Shelia Special Projects 6/5//1975-1975
Adcock, Wilma
Adcox, Evona Library Services 9/16/1968-11/15/1969
Adkins, Dale Physical Education 8/16/1986-8/15/1989
Adkins, Joyce Head Start Program 11/1/1976-6/30/1977
Adkins, Michael Physical Plant 1/29/1979-2/23/1979
Adkins, Patricia
Agee, William English 9/1/1960-8/31/1969
Agnew, Richard Military Science 1946-1948
Ahlers, Thomas Hydrology/Water Quality Project 6/1/1975-1976
Ahmad, Zufar Sociology & Anthropology, 1977-1980
Ahmed, Basheer Economics, 1970-1980
Ahmed, Sheik
Ahsan, Khurshida Registrar's Office, 1980
Ahsan, Reza Geography & Geology 1962-1963; 1968-?
Akers, Charlie Military Science 1954-1958
Akers, Jan Neil Student Affairs 6/8/1972-1974
Albadawy, Ali Management & Marketing, 1978-1980
Albers, Jo-Ann Journalism no file
Albin, Marvin
Alden, John
Alden, Lenore Library Services 2/1/1961-6/30/1977
Alder, Louise Training School 1911-? no file
Aldred, Eldon Chemistry 1929-1932
Alderson, John Business Administration 8/16/1970-5/15/1974
Aldrich, Kevin
Alexander, Carolyn
Alexander, Edward Military Science 1950-1954 no file
Alexander, Glena President's Home 10/1/1959-3/31/1965
Alexander, J.R. Mathematics 1907-1943
Alexander, Janice Library Services 6/15/1970-11/30/1972
Alexander, Kern President 1986-1988
Alexander, Livingston Psychology 1977-? no file
Alexander, Michael Secondary Education 9/1/1969-9/1/1972
Alexander, Nancy Home Economics 1946-1947
Alexander, Patricia Registrar's Office / Career & Teacher Vocational Education, 1972-1979
Alexander, Thedders Bookstore 8/22/1977-9/5/1977
Alexander, William Music 1945-1946
Alford, Emory Music 1974-?
Alford, Jeanne Grant & Contract Services, 1979-1980
Alford, Jerry
Alford, Jonell
Alford, Margaret Biology 1958-1960 no file
Alford, Orland Agriculture 1956-9/1/1978
Alford, Raymond
Alford, Thelma Teacher Education, 1978-1979
Ali, Ahmed History 8/15/1978-12/15/1978
Allan, Linda Library Services 1973-? no file
Allen, Anita Housing 9/8/1975-1/1/1976
Allen, Barbara Folklore & Intercultural Studies, 1979
Allen, Charles Biology 1939-1940
Allen, Charles Physical Plant, 1964-?
Allen, Delores Training School 9/1/1960-7/14/1961
Allen, Doris Financial Aid 9/15/1975-1975
Allen, Harry
Allen, James Physical Plant, 1977-1979
Allen, Janet
Allen, Julie Library Services 6/18/1974-5/24/1976
Allen, Linda Military Science 11/1/1971-2/29/1972
Allen, Louis University Center ??-5/31/1975
Allen, Mary Food Services 1974?-1976?
Allen, Naomi Music 1932 1935-?
Allen, Neil BGBU 1960-1963 no file
Allen, Patsy Health Services 8/16/1972-9/7/1973
Allen, Rachel BGBU 1957-1963; Business Education 1963-? no file
Allen, Sheldon Education 6/16/1969-8/8/1969
Allen, Susan Bookstore 4/1/1974-6/13/1977
Allgood, Sandra Mathematics 8/16/1975-1976
Allis, Sue F. Library Services 9/10/1973-6/6/1974
Allison, Richard
Allmon, Charmaine English 1969-?
Allsen, Thomas History, 1979-1980
Almand, Jean Library Services 1974-? no file
Almond, Alvin Training School 1956-8/31/1968
Almond, Helen Music 9/1/1964-8/29/1975
Almond, Lois Registrar's Office
Almond, Virgil Management & Marketing 1964-1981
Alpe, Edith Counseling Services, 1969-1981
Alpe, Toni Counseling Services 10/27/1975-1976
Alpert, Diane
Alsdurf, Phyllis Public Affairs 6/15/1975-9/30/1975
Altermatt, Dorothy
Alvey, Richard Archaeology, 1979
Alwes, Nanette
Ambrose, Charles Education 9/1/1960-8/31/1961
Amos, Henry Agriculture 9/1/1964-1966
Amy, Arthur Military Science 1926-1930 no file
Anderson, Allan Mathematics 6/15/1958-9/1/1965
Anderson, Betty Physical Education 2/4/1966-6/3/1966
Anderson, Carl Physical Education 1927-1930; 1934-1938
Anderson, Charles English/Journalism 1967-1969; 1971-?
Anderson, Edward Military Science 1950-1951 no file
Anderson, Ewing Physical Plant, 1977-1980
Anderson, Frances History 1930-1962
Anderson, H.C. Physics 1922-1928 no file
Anderson, Harry Chemistry 11/1/1978-12/4/1978
Anderson, James Training School 6/1/1965-1967
Anderson, Jay
Anderson, Joyce Human Relations Center 3/21/1966-8/23/1966
Anderson, Linda
Anderson, Lucia Biology 9/15/1958-9/1/1965
Anderson, Mable Education 9/1/1966-9/1/1969
Anderson, Mattie Food Services 11/1/1970-?,
Anderson, Pamela Dental Hygiene, 1977-?
Anderson, Robert Maintenance 11/1/1967-8/1/1968
Anderson, Robert Student Affairs, 1977-1979
Anderson, Robye Physical Education 1961-1973
Anderson, Sandra
Andrews, Doug Engineering Technology, 1980
Andrews, Duane Sociology 1972-? no file
Angevine, Phillip Foreign Languages 3/31/1966-6/3/1966
Angle, Dennis
Anson, Dennis Mathematics 9/1/1969-8/15/1972
Anthony, Geneva President's Home 9/23/1969-1/31/1970
Anthony, Mary Maintenance 7/1/1966-1971
Antle, Meda Counseling Services 9/1/1966-6/20/1968
Antonucci, Terrence
 English 9/1/1966-12/19/1970
Anyaegbuna, Ndubueze Student Affairs, 1980
Appel, Max Allen Public Affairs, 1976-1980
Appleby, Alma Food Services 8/16/1978-9/8/1978
Applegate, Arthur Biology 9/1/1965-6/1/1970
Aqel, Yousef Computer & Information Services 1979
Arafa, Said Accounting 8/16/1970-5/15/1972
Arant, Thomas Industrial Arts 1929-1930
Archer, Nona English 1908-1909
Arington, Sondra Human Relations Center ?-8/31/1966
Armitage, Julia Training School 1917 no file
Armitage, Mary Training School 1917-1920 no file
Armour, Donna Ogden College 1976-1979
Armstead, Herbert
Armstead, Larry Student Affairs, 1979-1980
Armstrong, Bryan Public Affairs 9/20/1975-6/1977
Armstrong, Donald Public Affairs 1969-1979
Armstrong, Patricia Jones-Jaggers 1/1/1976-12/31/1979
Arnett, Anita Home Economics 9/1/1966-1/26/1968
Arnett, Tho Ngoc Physical Plant 4/23/1973-8/3/1976
Arnold, Carol Library Services 1/13/1975-6/19/1975
Arnold, James Physical Plant 11/2/1972-8/31/1973
Arnold, Sally Ogden College 1979
Arnold, Susan Extension & Field Services 1/1/1965-8/15/1965
Arnold, Terry Physical Plant 3/24/1971-8/1/1971
Arterburn, Marla Business & Public Affairs 10/9/1973-1975
Arterburn, Mary Library Services 9/15/1965-8/15/1974
Arthur, J.L. Physical Education 1914-1916 no file
Arvin, Louis Mathematics 2/1/1962-8/15/1974
Ashayeri, Abdollah Physical Plant 1980
Ashbrook, Ann Teacher Education 3/19/1969-6/12/1970
Ashbrook, E.H. Agriculture & Botony 1925-1926 no file
Ashburn, Karl Economics & Sociology 1951-1952 no file
Ashby, Rickie
Ashby, Robert Business Education 9/11/1961-6/30/1976
Ashby, William BGBU 1897-1937 no file
Asbury, Joy Bookstore 6/7/1976-1976
Asbury, Runell Dean's Office 9/22/1960-9/23/1961
Ashayeri, Abdollah
Ashdown, Paul Journalism 8/16/1975-8/15/1977
Asher, Louise Library 1932-?
Asher, Mary Psychology 1937 1938-?
Ashley, Denise Teacher Corps 1976-1980
Ashley, Frank Public Affairs 2/1/1968-1969
Ashley, Geneva Geography & Geology 9/11/1968-1/31/1970
Ashley, James Geography & Geology 9/1/1969-8/15/1972
Ashley, Jo Ann Financial Aid 8/16/1970-8/22/1972
Ashley, Laura Foreign Languages ?-5/31/1968
Ashley, Mark Dining Services 1980
Ashley, Rhonda Administrative Affairs 1975-1979
Ashley, Denise
Ashley, Wayne Counselor Education 1972-?
Aslinger, Annabel French 1932-?
Ashlock, Sharon Physical Plant 1979-1980
Ashlock, Teresa Dining Services 1979
Askins, Joe Media Services 6/1/1976-12/23/1976
Asselin, Sally Audio-Visual Center 8/8/1966-10/5/1971 
Atkerson, Caroline Registrar 6/1/1960-9/14/1962 
Atkins, Virginia Economics 1971-? no file 
Atkinson, Mary Student Affairs 6/7/1969-7/31/1971 
Atkison, Betty Central Stores 5/16/1977-10/19/1978 
Atteberry, Clara Training School 1930-? 
Attig, Karen Dental Hygiene 1977-1980 
Auberry, Mona Nursing 10/10/1975-7/31/1976 
Augenstein, Keith Mathematics 1948-1949 
Ausenbaugh, James Journalism 1976-? no file 
Austin, Charles Safety & Security 6/23/1970-1/8/1971 
Austin, John Food Services ?-1/20/1972 
Avery, Forrest Residential Life 1980 
Axsom, Danny 
Aydlett, James English 1980 
Ayer, Nell Economics 9/1/1965-5/31/1966 
Ayers, Marjorie Food Services 8/12/1976-1977 
Ayik, Sakir 
Ayres, Carla Kay 
Ayres, Thomas Music 1951-1952 
Azaga, Adokiye Physical Plant 1979-? 
Azaga, Kechinyere Physical Plant 1979-?

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