Western Kentucky University

Library Services for BG-WC Bar Association Members

Photocopy Service

To participate in the photocopy service, law firms must have a billing account established. To request an account, contact the Government Documents Office (745-6107). Your account is valid immediately, and after providing the necessary information, you may begin placing copy requests. You may opt to have the copies mailed or picked up by a representative of your firm. You will be billed $.20 per page.

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Fax Service

If your need for the information is more urgent and you cannot wait for mailed documents, you may request that the material be faxed. The charge for this service is $5.00 for faxing plus $.50 per page.

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Visitor permits are available from the Department of Public Safety (745-2548). A parking permit is not required after 5 p. m.

 Last Modified 7/24/13