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Dean's Office

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Connie Foster Professor; Dean Cravens 102 270-745-2904 connie.foster@wku.edu
Susan Broady Office Assistant Cravens 102 270-745-4098 susan.broady@wku.edu
Kristie Lowry Literary Outreach Coordinator Cravens 106 270-745-4502 kristie.lowry@wku.edu
Kristen Petersen Development Officer Wetherby 125 270-745-2542 kristen.peterson@wku.edu
Jan Renusch Office Coordinator Cravens 102 270-745-2904 jan.renusch@wku.edu
Glenda White Office Coordinator Cravens 102 270-745-5054 glenda.white@wku.edu
Jennifer Wilson Marketing Coordinator Cravens 109 270-745-6977 jennifer.wilson@wku.edu
Haiwang Yuan Professor; Web & Emerging Technologies Coordinator Cravens 103 270-745-5084 haiwang.yuan@wku.edu

Department of Library Public Services


Library Faculty

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Brian Coutts Professor; Department Head Cravens 502 270-745-6121 brian.coutts@wku.edu
Bryan Carson Professor; Grants & Assessment/Research Instruction Coordinator Cravens 906 270-745-5007 bryan.carson@wku.edu
Laura DeLancey Assistant Professor; Electronic Resources Librarian Cravens 306 270-745-3979 laura.delancey@wku.edu
Nada Durham Instructor Emerita; Law Librarian Helm 13 270-745-6441 nada.durham@wku.edu
Dan Forrest Associate Professor; Access Services Coordinator Cravens 606 270-745-6164 dan.forrest@wku.edu
John Gottfried Assistant Professor; Coordinator of Reference Services/ Business Librarian Cravens 906 270-745-6176 monica.burke@wku.edu
Sean Kinder Associate Professor; Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian Cravens 806 270-745-6339 sean.kinder@wku.edu
Elisabeth Knight Associate Professor; Extended & Off-campus Librarian Helm 104C 270-745-6117 elisabeth.knight@wku.edu
Rosemary Meszaros Professor; Coordinator of Government Documents & Law Helm 01 270-745-6441 rosemary.meszaros@wku.edu
Lisa Miller Instructor (Part-time) Cravens 707 270-745-6122 lisa.miller@wku.edu
Jack Montgomery Professor; Collection Services Coordinator Cravens 309 270-745-6156 jack.montgomery@wku.edu
Anthony Paganelli Instructor (Part-time); Elizabethtown/Fort Knox CPREC 130R 270-706-8596 anthony.paganelli@wku.edu
Katherine Pennavaria Associate Professor; Visual and Performing Arts Library Coordinator Cravens 207 207-745-6119 k.pennavaria@wku.edu
Audrey Robinson-Nkongola Assistant Professor; Glasgow Regional Center Librarian Glasgow 149 270-659-6910 audrey.robinson-nkongola@wku.edu
Charles H. Smith Professor; Science Librarian Helm 102 270-745-6079 charles.smith@wku.edu
Roxanne Spencer Associate Professor; Educational Resources Center (ERC) Coordinator ERC 1073 270-745-4659 roxanne.spencer@wku.edu
Carol Watwood Assistant Professor; Health Sciences Librarian Helm 103 270-745-3912 carol.watwood@wku.edu
Nikole Wolfe Instructor (Part-Time); Sunday Weekend Librarian Helm 106 270-745-6125 nikole.wolfe@wku.edu
Jennifer Wright Assistant Professor; WKU-Owensboro Librarian Owensboro 219 270-852-7785 jennifer.wright2@wku.edu
Peggy Wright Professor, Emerita (1-23-02); Special Projects Coordinator Cravens 706 270-745-6168 peggy.wright@wku.edu
Haiwang Yuan Professor; Web & Emerging Technologies Coordinator Cravens 103 270-745-5084 haiwang.yuan@wku.edu

Library Staff

Name Job title Office Phone Email
John Beemer Owensboro Regional Center Library Assistant Owensboro 219 270-852-7785 john.beemer@wku.edu
Paula Bowles Obligations Assistant Cravens 403 270-745-6167 paula.bowles@wku.edu
Wesley Bromn Library Security Assistant Java City 270-745-3718 wesley.bromm@wku.edu
Janet Cline Late Night Circulation Supervisor, Circulation Desk Commons 270-745-3951 janet.cline@wku.edu
Barbara Copass Glasgow Library Assistant Glasgow 151 270-659-6911 barbara.copass@wku.edu
Ryan Dowell Office Assistant (Part-time) Cravens 501 270-745-2275 ryan.dowell@wku.edu
Joseph Edwards Library Assistant VPAL  270-745-2889 joseph.edwards513@topper.wku.edu
Phillip Edwards Circulation Assistant Commons 270-745-3951 phillip.edwards@wku.ed
Brent Fisk Circulation Information Assistant VPAL 270-745-2888 brent.fisk@wku.edu
Kathy Foushee Evening Circulation Supervisor Commons 270-745-3951 kathryn.foushee@wku.edu
Kenneth Foushee Interlibrary Loan Specialist Helm 107 270-745-5053 kenneth.foushee@wku.edu
Michael Franklin Media & Reserves Specialist VPAL 270-745-6166 michael.franklin@wku.edu
Shizhen Gao Senior Interlibrary Loan Assistant Cravens 600 270-745-6946 shizhen.gao@wku.edu
Amanda Hardin Reference Services Specialist Helm 106 270-745-6115 amanda.hardin@wku.edu
Debbie LaMastus KY Government Information & Law Specialist Helm 3 270-745-6107 debbie.lamastus@wku.edu
Selina Langford Senior Interlibrary Loan Assistant Helm 107 270-745-6118 selina.langford@wku.edu
Alan Logsdon Senior Periodicals Associate Helm 204 270-745-6120 alan.logsdon@wku.edu
Ellen Micheletti Educational Resources Center Specialist ERC 270-745-4552 ellen.micheletti@wku.edu
Morgan Morin Library Assistant (Part-time) VPAL 270-745-2889 morgan.moran@wku.edu
Daniel Peach Library Facilities Coordinator Cravens 502 270-745-6111 daniel.peach@wku.edu
Jessica Simpson Library Security Assistant Java City 270-745-3718 jessica.simpson@wku.edu
Barbara Smith Weekend Circulation Supervisor Commons 270-745-3951 barbara.smith@wku.edu
Krista Steenbergen Glasgow Regional Center Courier Glasgow 270-659-6911 krista.steenbergen@wku.edu
Dewayne Stovall Government Information & Law Specialist Helm 3 270-745-6918 dewayne.stovall@wku.edu
Robert Thornton Jr. Late-Night and Weekend Security Cravens 401 270-745-5444 robert.thornton@wku.edu
Robbie Kay VanValin Educational Resources Center Assistant ERC 270-745-4552 robbie.vanvalin@wku.edu
Michael Vincent Late-Night Governmental/Law Assistant Helm Ground Floor 270-745-6124 michael.vincent@wku.edu
Gary White Circulation Desk Supervisor Cravens 403 270-745-6173 gary.whittle@wku.edu
Doug Wiles Library Security Coordinator Cravens 401 270-745-5444 doug.wiles@wku.edu
Amy Wilk Extended & Off-campus Library Assistant Helm 104C 270-745-6117 amy.wilk@wku.edu
Anna Wilson Glasgow Regional Center Library Assistant Glasgow 270-659-6911 anna.wilson@wku.edu
Stephanie Wise Library Assistant VPAL 270-745-2889 stephanie.wise@wku.edu

Department of Library Special Collections


Library Faculty

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Allison Day Assistant Professor; Kentucky Librarian KY 206 270-745-5083 allison.day@wku.edu
Jonathan Jeffrey Professor; Department Head, Manuscripts/Folklife Archives Coordinator KY 216 270-745-5265 jonathan.jeffrey@wku.edu
Sue Lynn McDaniel Associate Professor; Special Collections Librarian KY 206 270-745-3246 sue.lynn.mcdaniel@wku.edu
Timothy Mullin Associate Professor; Director of Kentucky Museum KY 203 270-745-5353 timothy.mullin@wku.edu
Donna Parker Associate Professor; Exhibits Curator, Kentucky Museum KY 304 270-745-6083 donna.parker@wku.edu
Nancy Richey Associate Professor; Reading Room Coordinator / Visual Resources Librarian KY 206 270-745-6092 nancy.richey@wku.edu
Christy Spurlock Associate Professor; Education Curator, Kentucky Museum KY E123 270-745-6082 christy.spurlock@wku.edu
Sandy Staebell Associate Professor; Registrar/Collections Curator, Kentucky Museum KY 305 270-745-6260 sandy.staebell@wku.edu

Library Staff

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Suellyn Lathrop University Archivist KY E308 270-745-4793 suellyn.lathrop@wku.edu
Maria T. Lewis Library Assistant KY 206 270-745-5427 maria.lewis@wku.edu
April McCauley Archives Assistant KY E312 270-745-5830 april.mccauley@wku.edu
Lesley Montgomery Library Assistant (Part-time) KY 206 270-745-6089 lesley.montgomery@wku.edu
Lynn Niedermeier Manuscripts Assistant KY E216 270-745-6434 lynn.niedermeier@wku.edu
Leonetta Strange Office Associate KY 202 270-745-6258 leonetta.strange@wku.edu

Department of Library Technical Services


Library Faculty

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Deana Groves Associate Professor; Department Head Cravens 301 270-745-6151 deana.groves@wku.edu
Laura DeLancey Assistant Professor; Coordinator of Electronic and Continuing Resources  Cravens 306 270-745-3979 laura.delancey@wku.edu
Uma Doraiswamy Associate Professor; Coordinator of Bibliographic Access Cravens 307 270-745-6442 uma.doraiswamy@wku.edu
Amanda Drost Assistant Professor; Social Sciences Catalog Librarian Cravens 309 270-745-3061 amanda.drost@wku.edu
Jack Montgomery Professor;  Coordinator of Collection Services  Cravens 309 270-745-6156 jack.montgomery@wku.edu
Vacant Assistant Professor; Science & Technology Catalog Librarian Cravens 309 270-745-6154  
Nelda Sims Assistant Professor; Coordinator of Library Systems Cravens 700 270-745-5378 nelda.sims@wku.edu
Nancy Steen Instructor (Part-time), Humanities Catalog Librarian Cravens 309 270-745-6306 nancy.steen@wku.edu

Library Staff

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Laura Bohuski Database Project Specialist Cravens 309 270-745-5072 laura.bohuski@wku.edu
Crystal Bowling Office Coordinator / Student Personnel Cravens 302 270-745-4141 crystal.bowling@wku.edu
Tracy Bryant Serials Accounts Specialist Cravens 312 270-745-6161 tracy.bryant@wku.edu
Janice Haley Senior Serials Associate Cravens 312 270-745-6159 janice.haley@wku.edu
Dean Jones Acquisitions Account Specialist Cravens 309 270-745-6425 dean.jones@wku.edu
Katherine King Senior Acquisition Assistant Cravens 309 270-745-3982 katheriine.king@wku.edu
Tea Lacic Senior Catalog Assistant Cravens 309 270-745-6153 tea.lacic@wku.edu
Jeannie Marr Senior Catalog Assistant Cravens 309 270-745-8925 jeannie.butler@wku.edu
John Sarkozi Senior Acquisitions Assistant / Receiving and Orders Cravens 309 270-745-6158 / 745-6134 john.sarkozi@wku.edu
Susan Todd Senior Serials Assistant / Bindery Cravens 312 270-745-6160 susan.todd@wku.edu
Linda White Senior Acquisitions Assistant / Orders and Gifts Cravens 309 270-745-6157 linda.white@wku.edu
Brenda Wood Senior Serials Associate / Claims Cravens 306 270-745-6113 brenda.wood@wku.edu
Vacant Senior Catalog Assistant Cravens 306 270-745-6113  

Library Systems Office

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Connie Foster Professor; Dean, University Libraries  Cravens 102 270-745-2904 connie.foster@wku.edu
John Bowers Director, Academic Technology MMTH 239 270-745-4278 john.bowers@wku.edu
Shaden Atz Library Technology Consultant Helm 6D 270-745-5139 shaden.atz@wku.edu
Eric Fisher Senior Library Technology Consultant Helm 202 270-745-6165 eric.fisher@wku.edu
Beth Gray Library Technology Assistant (Part-time) Helm 6B 270-745-4225 beth.gray@wku.edu
Daniel Pawley Library Technology Consultant Helm 6A 270-745-4267 daniel.pawley@wku.edu
Terry Perkins Library Technology Assistant (Part-time) Helm 6B 270-745-4225 terry.perkins@wku.edu
David Runner Library Technology Consultant Helm 6C 270-745-3952 david.runner@wku.edu
Nelda Sims Assistant Professor; Library Systems Coordinator Cravens 700 270-745-5378 nelda.sims@wku.edu
Haiwang Yuan Professor; Web & Emerging Technologies Coordinator Cravens 103 270-745-5084 haiwang.yuan@wku.edu


Building Abbreviations and Locations:

  • Commons: Commons at Cravens Library (Cravens 4th floor)
  • CPREC: WKU Elizabethtown / Ft. Knox Regional Center Library
  • Cravens: Raymond Cravens Library
  • ERC: Educational Resources Center at Gary A. Ransdell Hall (Map, Directions and Parking Information)
  • Glasgow: WKU Glasgow Regional Center Library
  • Helm: Helm Library
  • Java City: Cafeteria on the 1st floor of Helm Library
  • KY: Kentucky Building
  • MMTH: Mass Media & Technological Hall
  • Owensboro: WKU Owensboro Regional Center Library
  • VPAL: Visual & Performing Art Library on the 2nd floor of Cravens Library
  • Wetherby: Wetherby Administrative Building

Organization Charts

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