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Increasing your scope of learning just got a lot easier! The Associate Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS) allows students select two areas of concentration, based on individual interests, and academic and professional goals. Those wishing to use the AIS degree as a foundation for a bachelor's degree oftentimes select concentration areas based on what they wish to pursue at the bachelor's level.

The AIS has become more attractive in recent years, because the degree is so flexible, yet focused. The AIS allows students to work with their advisor in creating a degree program that both fulfills graduation requirements and focuses on bringing multiple disciplines together to research a specific problem or area.

Areas of emphasis include: Arts, Humanities, Science, Business, Education, Technology, Health, Social and Behavioral Science, Organization and Communication of Ideas, and Social Justice and Equity Studies.

"I chose social and behavioral sciences as one of my concentrations, because I knew that I eventually wanted to pursue a bachelor's in sociology, but I also wanted to earn something on my way to a bachelor's, because I needed a better job. So, this degree was perfect for me! I loved the classes, and the flexibility it gave me to earn my associate's entirely online." - Christie, 2012 AIS graduate












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