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Operatoin Comics, Issue #4 - Wonderguy in the Sky

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Comic Image of Bruce Kessler

Dr. Bruce Kessler, Author
Art by: Tressa Tullis

Operation Comics, Issue #4

In this fourth issue, Wonderguy encounters a talented trapeze artist named Aerial, who has decided to turn her impressive high-flying act into a career in crime. This presents a challenge to Wonderguy, who, despite his great strength, can not fly -- or can he? Wonderguy is going to need all the help he can get - especially from his mathematically-gifted sidekicks Claire and Dillon - in order to leave the ground behind and catch this heavenly hellion.

In this issue, the mathematics concepts of Newton’s Second Law (F = ma), “proportional to”, center of mass, and solving for a squared variable in an equation are presented.


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Cover of Issue #4

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