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ADA Compliance / Web Accessibility Guidelines

ADA Compliance and Web Accessibility Guidelines cover aspects such as the look and feel of your page, the alt tags for your images, general usability, and more. Usable web sites are sites that work for anyone who visits your site.

Below are two documents to help you make your site ADA compliant.  The first document is a guidelines document produced by WKU's Office of Equal Opportunity to help make your site compliant.  The second is a web accessibility checklist produced by W3C (the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web) that you should use to when creating and reviewing your site.

Web Accessibility Guidelines

Web Accessibility Checklist

Every site will be periodically audited for compliance by The Office of Equal Opportunity.  If you have any questions about how to make your site compliant, or if you would like to request to have your site audited, please contact section508@wku.edu.

Why Should My Site be ADA Compliant?

Several reasons.  First, it makes your site more accessible to everyone.  Instead of having a site that some people can access, you are creating a site that everyone can access.

Second, an ADA compliant site is more search engine friendly.  Search engine robots are not human and essentially access and read your site the same way a screen reader for a visually impaired person works.  Making your site more search engine friendly means more visitors to your site.

Third, it's the law!  If the first two reasons did not convince you, this third one should. 

 Last Modified 7/23/13