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Dynamic Leadership Institute (DLI)

The Dynamic Leadership Institute, known to many as DLI, is designed to teach students the interpersonal skills and knowledge needed to engage in various leadership roles on campus, within the community and in their futures.

Each of the four phases allows students to view leadership from different perspectives and provides opportunities to examine and enhance their skills.

The program works in conjunction with students transferring from OCTC to WKU-O, so all students have the opportunity to complete all four phases.

Phase 1  "Leadership Initiative" --- is designed to enhance participants’ basic leadership skills and abilities.

Phase 2  "Leadership Exploration and Discovery" --- focuses on each individual’s exploration as a leader.

Phase 3  "Leadership in Action" --- gives participants the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills learned in the first two phases and puts them into action.

Phase 4  "Leadership in the Real World"  



VIP (Volunteerism In Progress)

Volunteerism In Progress is an organization where students, faculty, and staff work together to make a difference in the community.  VIP will organize multiple drives and volunteer opportunities during each semester.  Each project will aid a different organization in the Owensboro area, giving students the chance to be involved with numerous community organizations.

VIP Photo Gallery

Contact Hannah Thurman for more information.

hannah.thurman@wku.edu or (270) 684-9797





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