Western Kentucky University

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is a group of philosophy students that meets on a weekly basis. The philosophical backgrounds of the students who come to club meetings vary from introductory students to graduating seniors. During the weekly gatherings students have a chance to meet other philosophy students, share their interests in philosophy, discuss philosophical issues, and share opinions, thoughts, and experiences of the philosophy program. Aside from the weekly meetings, students involved in the club also have taken trips to Nashville for film screenings and lectures, as well as hosting film screenings on campus and light-hearted symposiums in their own residences. The Philosophy Club welcomes students from any philosophical background or interest, and also welcomes new ideas and activities in which the Philosophy Club can participate. For more information, contact Jim Ingram at james.ingram355@topper.wku.edu. And, students may consider joining the Philosophy Club's Facebook Group.

 Last Modified 7/23/13