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Pre-Physical Therapy Information

Pre-Physical Therapy Advising   

Students with an interest in pursuing Physical Therapy careers should meet with their advisor, as soon as possible, to begin focusing their undergraduate coursework on appropriate prerequisites that will prepare them for competitive application to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program at Western Kentucky University.


The A-B-C's of Physical Therapy provides basic information for those looking into entering the field of Physical Therapy. 


The following are recommended links including current advisors for Pre-Physical Therapy Program paths:


 Allied Health        http://www.wku.edu/healthsciences/concentrations.php   (Options to consider include:  General Wellness Studies; Gerontology; Health Services; and Health Related A.S. to Health Related B.S. Completion)

Wendi Hulsey

Mrs. Wendi Hulsey, RDH, MDH

Coordinator of Bachelor of Health Sciences

Academic Complex 236A




Biology                 http://www.wku.edu/biology/physical_therapy_school.php


Steve Huskey, Ph.D.            

Associate Professor
TCNW 205-G


Exercise Science              http://www.wku.edu/exs/index.php


Dr. Scott Lyons, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Program Coordinator
Smith Stadium East 1056
(270) 745-6035



Dr. Mark Schafer, Ph.D., CSCS

Associate Professor
Smith Stadium East 1059
(270) 745-5857


In addition to academic success throughout the completion of an undergraduate degree program, each applicant to the WKU-DPT Program is further assessed on the following items: physical therapy and health care experience; service, education, and extracurricular activities; honors and awards; and a personal statement describing their professional goals and reasons for seeking graduate education in physical therapy at WKU.

Students are strongly encouraged to develop a personal portfolio/resume to effectively track their physical therapy and health related experiences, service, education, and extracurricular accomplishments. Also, future applicants should cultivate a professional relationship with 2-4 individuals (at least one licensed physical therapist) who will provide letters of recommendation to accompany the DPT Graduate Application. It is a good idea to meet with these individuals on a periodic basis throughout your undergraduate degree program and allow them to mentor your development while providing them the necessary foundation for generating a thorough Letter of Recommendation which addresses the following standards:


Commitment to Learning

Use of Constructive Feedback

Stress Management

Interpersonal Skills

Ethical & Professional Behavior

Problem Solving

Communication Skills



Effective Use of Time

Critical Thinking

Social Responsibility







 Early completion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is recommended to allow you time to retake the test to improve your scores if you desire. (**Effective July 1, 2012, you can take the GRE revised General Test — computer-based and paper-based — once every 30 days, and no more than five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period. If you take only the paper-based GRE revised General Test or GRE Subject Tests, you may do so as often as they are offered).


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