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Dr. Qin Zhao

Dr. Qin Zhao

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology

Office:  GRH 3015
Phone:  270-745-5023
Email:  qin.zhao@wku.edu

Research and Teaching Interests

My current research interests include metacognition and motivation. My main goals of scholarship are to understand (a) why we have poor self-insights of competence and how to enhance metacognitive ability; and (b) how top-down processing such as metacognitive beliefs and expectations impact motivation, behavior, and performance. These lines of research have important implications for education, as metacognitive ability and beliefs play crucial roles in learning and performance.

If you are interested in gaining research experience by working in the Metacognition Lab, feel free to drop by my office or contact me via email/phone. And, please fill out this form (Lab Application Form) and send it to me via email (qin.zhao@wku.edu).

My teaching interests include instruction on the psychological theories and research that apply to education such as theories of learning, cognition, and motivation. I am particularly interested in enhancing students' metacognitive ability and the ability to self-regulate their learning.


  • PSY 290 Supervised Study in Psychology
  • PSY 310 Educational Psychology
  • PSY 410 Psychology of Learning
  • PSY 490 Research, Readings, or Special Projects in Psychology
  • PSY 510 Advanced Educational Psychology


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