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Organizational Aid

Organizational Aid is a program established by the Student Government Association of Western Kentucky University. Each year SGA sets aside funding to assist actively registered student groups on WKU's Campus. The goal of this initiative is to enhance the learning, leadership, and volunteer opportunities of not only the students who participate in WKU Student Groups/Organizations, but also to enhance/benefit WKU, the student body and the community of Bowling Green, Kentucky.


Steps to be completed:

1. Documents to be submitted:

a. 2012-2013 Organizational Aid Application
b. W-9 Form, must be completed and signed by group's advisor
c. Summary outlining how previous Organizational Aid funding was used.


2. Schedule an interview with SGA

Stop by the SGA office to sign up for a meeting with the Organizational Aid committee.


3. Did the student group receive Organizational Aid during the 2010-11 academic year?

If the answer to this question is YES, the group will submit a summary outlining how the organizational aid was used; pictures and videos may also be added. This summary will document how the group used the funds to enhance/benefit the learning, leadership, and volunteer opportunities of the group members, WKU, the student body and/or the community of Bowling Green, Kentucky.


Frequently Asked Questions

*Why do we have to turn in a W-9 Form? A W-9 Form is a "Request for Taxpayer Information", and is required by the federal government of the United States. Any funds received are considered income, therefore it must be reported to the federal government, even if your group is considered NON-PROFIT and maintains a NON-PROFIT STATUS.

*What is a TIN and/or an EIN? TIN stands for Tax Identification Number, and EIN stands for Employer's Identification Number. The TIN and EIN are terms that are used interchangeably. Student Groups are NOT allowed to use WKU's TIN. Each Student Group must obtain a TIN that is specific to that particular group.

*How do I find out if my group has a TIN? Contact past members/officers/advisors. It is likely this information was not transferred to the new officers/advisors during transition. The Office of Student Activities keeps each Student Group's TIN on file as it is provided to them. If you are unsure if your group currently has a TIN or cannot locate your number, you may contact the Office of Student Activities at 270-745-2459 or email your inquiry to

*If my group does not have a TIN how to I obtain one? To obtain a TIN for your Student Group please contact TIN's may be applied for online at the IRS' website. Please note, it is highly recommended that your advisor obtain or assist in obtaining this number. As a suggestion, the TIN will be used for banking purposes, your group is more than likely a non-profit entity, and it is an education/school club, group, or organization. It is recommended that the page verifying the group's TIN be printed and a copy submitted to the Office of Student Activities where it will be placed in the group's file for future reference.

*How will my group find out if we were awarded funds? The Student Government Association will notify your group's contact's listed on the Application for Organizational Aid regarding the outcome of their decision.

*When will our student group receive our funds if they are awarded? Should your group be awarded Organizational Aid funding, the Student Government Association will pass legislation denoting the issuance of funds. Once this is complete documentation is submitted to the Office of Student Activities where funding is processed. Once the Office of Student Activities receives the documentation and your funds are processed you can usually expect your funding within 10-15 business days.

*My group was awarded funding, but we haven't received it yet. Why? If your group was awarded funding, but it hasn't received the funds yet, it is very likely that some or all of the following occurred: 1)-Group is not currently registered with the Department of Student Activities; 2)-Group did not submit the Student Organization Information form to the Office of Student Activities for the 2011-12 academic year; 3)-The W-9 Form was incomplete/not signed; 4)-There was a problem with the group's TIN; 5)-Documentation was found to be missing.

Note: documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to view,
download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note: documents in Excel format (XLS) require Microsoft Viewer,
download excel.

Note: documents in Word format (DOC) require Microsoft Viewer,
download word.

Note: documents in Powerpoint format (PPT) require Microsoft Viewer,
download powerpoint.

Note: documents in Quicktime Movie format [MOV] require Apple Quicktime,
download quicktime.

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