Western Kentucky University

Minor in Sexuality Studies for Undergraduate Students

The minor (reference number 454) is a cross-disciplinary exploration of human sexuality. Students who complete the Sexuality Studies minor gain a better understanding of human sexuality and acquire valuable background knowledge applicable to a wide variety of humanities and social science fields, and to careers in education, counseling, social work, social service agencies, and public health.

Required Courses (9 Hours):

  • PSY 345 Psychology of Sexuality
  • PH 365 Human Sexuality
  • SOCL 359 Sexuality and Society

Electives (9 Hours):

  • SOCL 220 Marriage and the Family
  • BIOL 302 Human Biology
  • CFS 311 Family Relations
  • CFS 495 Interpersonal Relationship Violence
  • ENG 360 Gay and Lesbian Lecture
  • HIST 420 History of Sexuality
  • PHIL 201 Love and Friendship
  • ANTH 343 Anthropology of Gender
  • PH 464 Women's Health
  • PH 468 Sexuality Education
  • SOCL 355 Sociology of Gender
  • SOCL 466 Gender, Families, and Society
*For more information on the Sexuality Studies minor, visit the Sociology Department or contact Dr. Jae Kim (Public Health) at jae.kim@wku.edu or Dr. Matt Pruitt (Sociology) at matt.pruitt@wku.edu.
 Last Modified 7/19/13