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Sponsored Programs - Post-Award Support

Post-Award Assistance

The Office of Sponsored Programs negotiates and approves grant and contract awards, prepares charts of accounts, authorizes setting up a university account, informs PIs of terms and conditions of awards, negotiates and issues subawards from WKU grants to other institutions and organizations, approves all post-award budget modifications, negotiates funding extensions, manages research ethics (including intellectual property, copyright, human subjects, biosafety issues), and assists PIs with final closeout of their awards.

Notifications of declined proposals are sometimes received by this office and sometimes are sent directly to the project director. Please contact us when you receive any official correspondence related to a proposal you have submitted. Not only will it assist us in maintaining accurate records, but we can also provide a follow-up consultation when a proposal has been denied funding. We can assist you in obtaining (and interpreting) reviewers' comments and revising your proposal for resubmission.

For additional information, contact Regina Allen, Assistant Director at regina.allen@wku.edu or 270-745-5852.

You will also find useful information on the following pages:

Award Acceptance - Responsibilities & Accountability

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When Your Grant is Ending

If your award includes subagreements with other institutions, you will have done preliminary planning for those at the proposal stage. Once your award has an index number, contact Sponsored Programs to arrange for any subawards to be issued. For more about subagreements, see the "Subagreements" page.

For information about invoicing or financial reporting - please contact Grants & Contracts Accounting, 745-8882

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