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Application Fee

Each student studying abroad will be required to pay a $150 study abroad application fee. The purpose of the fee is to offset the cost of study abroad expenses, such as StudioAbroad software, student focused programming, program assessment, and supplemental scholarships.This fee will be posted to the student's account within approximately 15 business days and will be charged in the term in which the application was submitted, not the term in which the student is studying abroad. Please note that because of administrative processing, if an application is submitted with less than 30 business day remaining in the semester, the fee will be applied following the calendar listed below.

Application Term

Application Fee applied Term


More than 30 business days remaining in Semester

Less than 30 business days remaining in Semester












Fee MUST be paid. Fee will not roll to a new academic cycle.

The application fee can be paid in the Bursar's Office or on TopNet.  It is not a fee associated with any particular program or program provider. The fee will be charged once per academic year (defined as Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer). The academic year is determined by term in which a student studies abroad, not the term in which the application is submitted. If a student applies for two or more programs and the programs do not take place in the same academic year, the student will be charged the fee multiple times.

If the program is canceled or the student is not accepted into the desired program, the study abroad application fee will be refunded.

The fee is to be paid BEFORE a student departs for his or her program.

All questions regarding the study abroad application fee should be sent to study.abroad@wku.edu

 Last Modified 4/15/14