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Current Student Projects

The Office of Sustainability is pleased to work with individual students, classes, and student organization on campus sustainability projects. Such collaborations have resulted in energy and recycling outreach and peer education programs, the Student Garden, carbon foot-printing and alternative energy feasibility research, and a variety of other projects. 

If you are interested in working with the Office of Sustainability, please click on "get involved" in the top navigation bar to view current opportunities or contact us with an idea of your own.




Check out these student projects:

Toppers@Sea 2014 as an Innovative Educational Best Practice Model - full report by Christian Ryan

Toppers@Sea 2014 Youth Program - full report by Keely P'Pool

Toppers@Sea 2014 Climate Change Challenge Awareness video by Kelsey Patton

Toppers@Sea 2014 Climate Change Challenge blog

Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Project:
"Building a Better Office of Sustainability: Promoting Sustainable Change and Educational Outreach at WKU"
by Andrew Salman, 2014

Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Project:
"Rebranding the Office of Sustainability"
by Mary Boothe, 2014

Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Project:
"Rainwater Harvesting: Examining the Potential of Rainfall Collection as a Stormwater Best Management Practice and a Supplement to Municipal Water at WKU" by Ashley McCloughan, 2013

One Plant Day "Action Sheets" created by students in the Spring 2011 ICSR 301: Affecting Organizational and Institutional Change for Sustainability

Western Kentucky University Air Travel Emissions Inventory, by Jessica Savoy, MBA, 2011

2011 Earth Day Festival video by Nick Brazinski

2011 Recycling Flash Mob 

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