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To review our upcoming events and register, and to see what events you have attended, visit our FaCET Seminar & Event Registration page
Note: To view the events you have attended, please click the login tab on the far left and login following the directions there.

BSCT participants should look at the seminar or month tabs to see events that will contribute to their program. Then click on the name of the seminar to see if it is BSCT Approved or not. The "Online Training" tab and the "AV Tutorials" tab are lists of archived events that are not active and do not "count" toward BSCT.

FaCET records attendance (seat time) at FaCET live events when the attendee has the opportunity for real-time interaction but this does not indicate the degree of participation or reflection of a participant, For example, a person may attend a seminar and not say a word or sign up for an e-mail event and never post but receive all the e-mails synchronously with the event. Departments using FaCET events for PTR might wish to consider options for having faculty document their learning outcomes. FaCET will record attendance at F2F events and report it to the faculty member and will record non”live” involvement (e.g., watching a video, reviewing a pre-recorded Adobe session) as a “material checkout”. A FaCET report of the latter is available to the faculty member upon request. For the BSCT program we hold those involved accountable for engagement in online learning or video watching.







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