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Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS is an academic assistance program that targets traditionally difficult, high enrollment courses. This program utilizes undergraduate students as PASS Leaders to facilitate group study sessions. PASS Leaders have successfully completed the course they lead with a grade of A or B, attend all class lectures, take notes, and hold two-weekly group study sessions. PASS may contain one or more of the following: review of weekly materials, mock quizzes or tests, games, and other activities. All of these materials are designed to further solidify course material in a supplemental learning environment. Students who attend PASS sessions may receive insight on how to succeed in the course by learning note-taking tips, test-taking strategies and/or study strategies, or simply by receiving further explanation of specific content areas of the course. PASS leaders communicate frequently with their faculty member to ensure accuracy of course content.

Questions about the PASS program should be directed to The Learning Center at (270) 745-6254 or by emailing tlcga@wku.edu. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding PASS, current courses offered, or how to make your course a PASS course for the upcoming semester.


Spring 2014 PASS Courses

Art 100 (Ms. Jacqui Lubbers)

Astronomy 104 (Dr. Thomas Bohuski)

Biology 122 (Dr. Keith Phillips)

Chemistry 120 (Dr. Matthew Nee)

Chemistry 222 (Dr. Lester Pesterfield)

History 119 (Dr. Eric Kondratieff)

History 120 (Mr. David Serafini)

Nursing 102 (Dr. Lorraine Bormann)

Philosophy 215 (Dr. Ian Schnee)

Psychology 100 (Dr. Andrew Mienaltowski)

Religious Studies 100 (Dr. Joseph Trafton)

Spanish 102 (Ms. Melba Amador Medina)

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