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Service Descriptions

TLC Service Descriptions

Academic Advantage Series: Workshops for Success

The Academic Advantage Series: Workshops for Success is a series of presentations designed to help students succeed academically. The presentations focus on skills that students are expected to possess. However, many students have not learned how to use these skills over the course of their academic careers. Each session provides hands-on, expert instruction from professionals at WKU who are dedicated to student success. Visit our AAS page for more information. If you would like to participate in the AAS please email tlc@wku.edu.

Computer Lab

Our computer lab consists of 32 computers with printing capabilities. Our computers have numerous programs including Microsoft Office Suite, SPSS, SAS, and Communicoach.

Conversational English

This type of tutoring appointment is designed for our International students. They are highly sought after sessions. During these sessions our tutors speak to the International students, in English, about any topic the student wishes to address. Some popular topics are idioms, grammar, and the culture of Americans. Conversational English appointments are enjoyed by both the tutor and tutee, as both participants learn so much.

Large Study Area ("Quiet Space")

TLC is designated as a "Quiet Space." What does this mean? Students that come to TLC are expected to do academic work. Cellphone use is prohibited. Students are also prohibited from accessing Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, or any other non-academic website. TLC is staffed with student workers who monitor the behaviors of our students during all hours of operation. We make sure that the students that are required to be here (see Monitored Study Hours) do the work they were sent to do.

Monitored Study Hours

Many groups and organizations have expressed a desire to have monitored study hours for their participants. Students that come to TLC for study hours log into the center under a specific designation (Sigma Kappa, General Tutoring, Football, etc.). We then send a report to a designated member of the organization so those groups can keep track of their students' study habits. If you would like your organization to participate in Monitored Study Hours please contact tlc@wku.edu.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS is a program similar to Supplemental Instruction (SI). We hire and train students, often recommended by professors, called PASS Leaders. PASS Leaders are students who have previously taken a course successfully and thereafter are trained to facilitate group study sessions. PASS Leaders sit in on the course and hold twice weekly study sessions covering core concepts and particularly difficult subject matter. Courses associated with PASS are traditionally difficult, high enrollment courses. The goal of PASS is to coordinate with the faculty members teaching these classes to provide supplemental resources for students who are interested. PASS may contain one or more of the following: review of weekly materials, mock quizzes or tests, games, and other activities. All of these materials are designed to help students succeed.

If you are interested in PASS please email tlc@wku.edu or call (270) 745-6254.


Tutoring by Appointment

Students are able to seek assistance in many ways. To set up a tutoring appointment students simply call TLC at (270) 745-6254 or set up an appointment using TutorTrac. Students will be notified via email when they make their appointment. Students that wish to cancel an appointment may call (270) 745-6254.

Walk-In Tutoring

Students may walk-in during any of our operating hours to request a tutor. If a tutor is not currently available our Monitors will happily set-up an appointment at the next available time.

Online Tutoring by Appointment

Whether your students are distance learners, or online students, Online Tutoring Sessions will provide quality academic assistance for a variety of classes. Visit our Online Tutoring page for more information.

Study Skills Assistance

Our tutors are able to help students with their academic skill set. These skills include basic computer skills, reading comprehension, study skills, test-taking strategies, time management, and test anxiety. Students can set up an appointment for any of these topics by calling our Center or by using TutorTrac.

Other Info

TLC's tutoring program is certified by the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA).

Tutors go through 10 hours of training for Level 1 certification, an additional 10 hours for Level 2 certification, and another 10 hours for Level 3 certification.

We also offer students four satellite locations conveniently located on campus: TLC@Keen, TLC@McCormack ,TLC@FAC, and TLC@PFT. All of these centers are fully staffed for monitored study hours and offer a computer lab for academic use.

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