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Commuter Parking

Commuter Parking

South Campus Park and Ride Permit - $50

With limited Commuter Permit sales on the main campus, the South Campus Park and Ride Permit is a good alternative for Commuting students. South Campus permits are only $50/year, and allow parking at South Campus all day. In addition, the permit is honored on the main campus after 2:00 PM in Commuter Lots (except PS2) and lots zoned "All Permits" (AP).

The WHITE LINE is the only route serving South Campus. During peak service, a bus will be leaving South Campus every 6 minutes.

Commuter Permit - $90

The Commuter Permit allows parking in any of the designated Commuter lots or lots zoned "All Permits" (AP) on the main campus. The Commuter Permit is also honored on South Campus. Commuter Permits are recommended for students with early or late classes or who need immediate access to their vehicles throughout the day.

Commuter Permit sales for main campus are limited to the capacity of campus. This is done to fulfill the expectation that if a person purchases a parking permit, they will be able to find a parking space on the main campus.

Commuter Permits are sold on a first come, first served basis. Once sold out, a waiting list is maintained. Permits are sold off the waiting list when parking becomes available on the main campus. All students on the waiting list should be able to upgrade to a Commuter Permit by Spring Semester.

Alumni Square Garage Permit - $160

The Alumni Square Garage is a good alternative for commuting students taking classes on the main campus.  It is located on Alumni Avenue at Kentucky Street and is served by the RED LINE

WKU has expanded its lease of the Alumni Square Garage, which means more permits will be available to commuting students.  Permit sales to the Alumni Square Garage are limited to provide guaranteed parking for permit holders. Permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and are managed with a waiting list.  We reduced the price of the ASG Commuter permit to $160/year.  The permit provides guaranteed parking in the garage weekdays from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  The permit is also honored in lots zoned "All Permits"  (AP). 

To make it easy for students to get to class from the Alumni Square Garage, transit service provides direct access to major academic buildings on State Street and Normal Street  The RED LINE picks up passengers on  Center Street next to the Augenstein Alumni Center on its way to campus.

Disability Parking - $90

A WKU Disability Permit is required to park in disability parking spaces on campus.  WKU Disability permits are issued in person at the PTS office.  For more information regarding disability parking requirements, click HERE.

Evening Parking

(4:30 PM - 10:00 PM; Sunday - Friday)

In the evening, a current WKU parking permit is required to park in the Gated Regents, Gated Hilltop, and Mimosa lots.  The low cost South Campus Permit is recommended if you will only be visiting campus after 4:30 PM.

All other Premium and Non-Premium faculty and staff lots, as well as Commuter lots (including PS2), are open in the evenings.  Permits are not required in open lots.

Special events may disrupt evening parking, particularly around Diddle Arena.

For more information, read the EVENING PARKING POLICY.

Weekend Parking

(Saturday and Sunday)

All campus parking lots are open Saturdays and Sundays.  Permits are not required in open lots.

Housing permits are required in Housing lots beginning Sunday afternoon at 4:30 PM.


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Carpooling is a great way to commute to campus.
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