Western Kentucky University

Regional Campuses

WKU Has 3 Regional Campuses

WKU has established three Centers to facilitate the delivery of Regional Campus instruction.  The Regional Campuses are part of the WKU University College and each Center has an administrative office with its own Director and support staff.  The Centers are located in:

  • Elizabethtown/Radcliff/Fort Knox
  • Glasgow
  • Owensboro

Parking permits are not required to park on the regional campuses.  However, faculty, staff and students from the regional campuses who visit the Bowling Green campus must purchase and display a parking permit while parking on the Bowling Green campuses.  If you have specific questions about your situation, please email PTS at transportation@wku.edu.

For additional information about the Regional Campuses, contact:


     Jennifer London; (270) 769-1614; jennifer.london@wku.edu

Ft. Knox             

     Melissa Ballinger; (270) 351-1192; melissa.ballinger@wku.edu


     (270) 659-6900; glasgow@wku.edu


     (270) 684-9797; owensboro@wkku.edu


     Liza Remirez; (270) 352-1912; liza.ramirez@wku.edu

Glasgow Campus

Glasgow campus


Owensboro Campus

Owensboro Campus

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