Western Kentucky University

WKURF Board of Directors

The WKURF is directed by a Board of Directors composed of a minimum of seven members, in which at least four (4) will be from the community-at-large and the remainder from Western Kentucky University.

Ex Officio, non-voting members consist of WKU's President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Voting members of the Board are elected to serve a three year term.

WKURF Board of Directors

Dr. Gordon Baylis, President, WKURF
Mr. Jon Bigley
Dr. John Bonaguro, Secretary
Mr. Ron Bunch
Mr. Jim Cummings, Treasurer (Ex Officio, non-voting)
Dr. Gordon Emslie (Ex Officio, non-voting)
Dr. Blaine Ferrell
Mr. James Hargrove, Vice Chair
Mr. Dan Iacconi
Dr. Jeff Katz
Dr. Gary Ransdell, WKU President (Ex Officio, non-voting)
Dr. Cheryl Stevens
Mr. Greg Stivers, Chair
Ms. Deborah Wilkins
Mr. Hank Wohltjen

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