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General Description

In partnership with the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) in Louisville, Kentucky and Ogden College of Science and Engineering, the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences has established a teacher residency program, called GSKyTeach, to prepare and place new math and science teachers in high-need high schools. GSKyTeach’s primary purpose is to improve teaching and learning in math and science in underperforming schools.

Teacher residents from across the nation who have high levels of preparation in the sciences or math - but none in teaching - will be recruited, prepared, and placed in JCPS high-need high schools. The program will begin with the selection of 20 teacher residents who will experience an innovative program, called GSKyTeach for Graduate Southern Kentucky Teach, designed especially to prepare math and science teachers,. The program will be a replication of the highly successful and nationally recognized UTeach Program at UT-Austin funded by Exxon Mobil. Thus, GSKyTeach is inquiry based and supported by the National Research Council’s latest compilation of studies on teaching and learning. In this unique program, teacher resident candidates will experience carefully planned clinical experiences working alongside an experienced high-performing mentor teacher to develop strong teaching skills. Learning to teach will also be facilitated by master teachers modeling expert inquiry based teaching and learning.

What is GSKyTeach?

GSKyTeach is a graduate version of WKU’s new and highly-innovative SKyTeach program that prepares science and mathematics majors for inquiry teaching and learning. A unique feature of the program is the use of the high school classroom as a laboratory for learning to teach from day one of the program under the guidance of Mentor and Master Teachers. GSKyTeach is a graduate teacher residency program designed to prepare physics, chemistry, and mathematics teachers for high-need Jefferson County (Louisville) Public Schools. The program was developed and will operate as a partnership between Western Kentucky University and the Jefferson County Public Schools. GSKyTeach is supported by a grant from the U. S. Department of Education. Graduates nationwide with majors or the equivalent in each of the three content areas will work alongside Mentor Teachers and receive instruction from Master Teachers as they learn to teach in high-need high schools. Teacher residents will be paid $30,500 plus benefits during their year of preparation and will complete a Master of Arts in Education degree from Western Kentucky University with teaching credentials. After their year in residency and preparation to teach, candidates will be employed as full-time certified teachers in the Jefferson County Public Schools and must commit to teaching three years in a high-need high school. Teacher residents will continue to receive ongoing support from a mentoring team consisting of a Master Teacher in their content area, their high school principal, and WKU GSKyTeach faculty.

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 Last Modified 10/11/18