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Hardin Planetarium at Western Kentucky University

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Options for your party:

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You want -


Many groups will start with one of our regular, age-appropriate shows in the star chamber. Then they move to the tables in the Planetarium Ring for their food, presents, etc.
  • We provide a show:
    • $120 for first 45-minutes (most of our shows fit within this time frame; $80 for each additional half-hour, if longer).
  • Party in our Planetarium Ring afterwards (or before):
    • $40 for each half-hour of party
    • Please note some conditions, below, under the "JUST-A-PARTY" option.


"JUST-A-SHOW" option:

Often, parties like to come here for a show and then go to a local nearby venue for their meal (there are plenty: CiCi's Pizza, Puerta Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, several Chinese Restaurant buffets, and Chaney's Dairy Barn are within a 10-15 minute drive, just to name a few examples). Basically, the Planetarium provides the "edutainment," on site, and the rest of the party is off site and up to you.

Possible shows:
(If you let us know an age range for the party, we can suggest a list of shows much more tailored to the age level of your party).  Here are a few possibilities:

  • Two Small Pieces of Glass: This is a full-dome 360 degree full-immersion movie, lasts 25 minutes, and is about two pre-teens who go to a star party, look through telescopes, learn about what telescopes do, how they are made, their history, and see some of the amazing things we are seeing with them now.
  • Seasonal Star Stories: This interactive event usually lasts 45 minutes (we could cut it down to accommodate the younger children's attention span), and includes using the Planetarium to look at the patterns in the night sky's constellations, naming them and inventing our own stories about them much as our ancestors did when they first learned the patterns in the sky.
  • Motions: This show begins with pointing out that we see the Sun, Moon, planets and stars in the sky, but over the course of a day, they move. We examine how, where and their relationships to each other. The time duration could be 30-45 minutes, depending on your schedule, but we can limit it to a shorter duration for younger ages.
  • SpaceShip Earth: We live on a world that just will not sit still. This 45-minute, multi-media full-dome presentation explores the many ways that we humans are hurtling through our universe. Sing along to the music as you experience the spectacular planetarium simulations and full-dome video imagery showing our Spaceship Earth as it rotates on its axis, in orbit around our Sun, which is in orbit with hundreds of billions of other stars in our Milky Way galaxy, which is moving in our amazing and expanding universe.
  • Our fees for a presentation of one of our regular shows, outside regular business hours:

$120 for first 45-minutes (most of our shows fit within this time frame; $80 for each additional half-hour, if longer).

(Custom shows are available: prices will be quoted depending on choice of material.)


"JUST-A-PARTY" option:

Occasionally, parties just need the space. The Ring hall way around the outside of the Chamber is a well-lit, temperature-controlled, indoor space, with museum exhibits to look at, and is available. We do not allow parties with food inside the Star Chamber.

If you would like to use the Planetarium Ring for your party, it's a Do-it-yourself Option. (We are not set up to do catering at this time) Bring in your own food (even your own caterer), presents, etc. We can provide the tables and chairs, garbage cans, a rest room, etc.) for a limited size party of up to 30 kids. There are some strict regulations:

  • Any group bringing their own party food and using the Ring space must do their own clean-up afterwards (we have a very small regular staff and this facility will need to be presentable for the public show the following day).
  • Games which involve lots of motion (running, jumping, etc.) are not permissible inside the building. Museum exhibits must be respected and not touched.
  • Children must be supervised while in the Ring, and there must be enough adult supervision for the size of the party.


$60 for first 45-minutes; $40 for each additional half-hour.



 Please fill in the form below to request a date for your event. We will contact you after receiving your request.


We hope this answers most of your questions. If there are special interests beyond what we have mentioned, please let us know and we can discuss your needs more specifically.

If you have more questions or need more information, email us at, or call us at 270-745-4044.

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