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WKU Health Services : Information for Parents

Welcome To Graves Gilbert Clinic (GGC) at WKU!

We want to welcome you and your son or daughter to the WKU Community. Our goal is to provide quality healthcare to your student and help them to obtain and maintain an optimal healthy lifestyle while at WKU. On this page you will find the most commonly asked questions that will assist your student's transition of their health care needs to GGC @ WKU and the Bowling Green community.

Student Health Care Questions That Parents Commonly Ask:

WKU Health Services bills insurance for all medical services provided to the patient. There are no free services at Health Services currently.


Graves Gilbert Clinic is in network with most commercial insurances. We accept Kentucky Medicaid and Managed Medicaid plans, as well as Medicare. For additional information, please contact your healthcare provider or Health Services. We do not accept out of state Medicaid.

Students are not assessed a fee to utilize services at GGC@WKU. GGC@WKU is a fee for service enterprise. We bill insurance for all services provided to the patient. If the patient does not have insurance, GGC@WKU does provide services for a cash price. In addition, certain services are required to be completed for entrance into academic programs, are provided to students at a discounted cash rate since insurance does not always cover these services for students.

 All Graves Gilbert Clinic providers are in network with the Student Health Insurance plan. If the student is referred to a GGC specialist, they will be charged the in-network copay at the time of the visit if they are being seen outside of the Health Services building. If a student is referred to a specialist outside of GGC, we primarily refer to those providers in the student’s network unless the student requests otherwise.


No, at this time GGC @ WKU doesn't require previous medical records or physicals to be seen. However, if needed by GGC physicians, an Authorization Form (to release restricted health information) will be completed by the student to request any needed records.

No. There are currently no requirements for immunizations. However, we do highly recommend certain immunizations upon entering the University. Click here for a list of these recommendations.

Per HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) all health records of students age 18 and over are private and confidential. No medical information can be released to any party without the expressed written consent of the student, unless state or federal laws mandate the release. In the event of a life threatening illness, the attending physician will notify parents/legal guardian. 
Yes, either have your student bring in the serum and shot record from the Allergist or have them send it directly GGC @ WKU. The staff will continue your allergists orders while on campus. Patients must provide their own extracts. Allergy injections are administered without an appointment. 


Oral thermometer (non mercury)


First aid ointment


Cough medicine

Calamine lotion

Medic Alert bracelet if serious illness

Any maintenance medication prescribed for student (i.e. inhalers)



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 Last Modified 3/12/19