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Interdisciplinary Studies (A.I.S.)

Reference Number: 246
Minimum Hours for Degree: 60
Degree: Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies degree is designed for those who need or desire a flexible degree program. Within the limits specified for the degree, students, with their advisors, may design programs to suit their personal needs and educational objectives.

This program requires 60 credit hours of coursework. Students who have previously earned 60 hours of credit with a
2.0 cumulative grade point average or above in all higher education coursework, including all coursework completed
at Western Kentucky University, and have met all other requirements for the degree, may apply as candidates for the
AIS degree. If, upon evaluation of their transcripts, such students meet all the requirements for the degree, the
degree will be awarded at the next graduation ceremony.

The Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies degree has become more attractive with the growth of business and
industry in the area and with the increase of minimum educational requirements for employment or promotion. In
addition to those wishing to enhance their employability, several other groups of students will find the program suits
their needs. These include those who are seeking a degree for their personal satisfaction; those who plan eventually
to move on to the main campus, but wish to have a degree at the two-year level; and those who wish to consolidate
previously-earned credits into a degree program.

Program Requirements
Minimum requirements for the AIS degree are 60 semester hours distributed among the WKU Colonnade courses
and two “areas of emphasis.” A total of 21 hours of Colonnade courses, 27 hours in the areas of emphasis, and 12
hours of electives is required. The areas of emphasis must total 27 hours with a minimum of 9 hours in each area.
One third of the areas of emphasis must be earned at WKU. Areas of emphasis include: Arts, Humanities, Science,
Business, Education, Technology, Health, Social and Behavioral Science, Organization and Communication of Ideas,
and Social Justice and Equity Studies. A student must obtain a 2.0 grade point average in both areas of emphasis.
An overall 2.0 grade point average is required to be awarded the AIS degree.

The Colonnade courses include:

  • Written Communication: ENG 100 (3)
  • Oral Communication: COMM 145 or other approved course (3)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 109, MATH 116, or other approved course) or Natural and Physical Sciences (3)
  • Arts and Humanities: Literary Studies (ENG 200 or other approved course) and one Explorations AH Course (6)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences: World History (HIST 101 or HIST 102) and one Explorations SB Course (6)

Students seeking the AIS degree must complete a minimum of 25% of their degree program in residence at Western Kentucky University. Courses taken at WKU off-campus locations through regional campus offerings or through reachu@wku.edu are considered as having been taken in residence.

The Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies degree cannot be filed as a second degree program; as a result, students
applying for concurrent or subsequent associate degrees must file the Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies as their
primary degree program. Electives are in addition to the Colonnade courses and the areas of emphasis. They may
come from Colonnade categories, or from courses that do not fall into any of the above Colonnade areas or the areas of emphasis.


  • Arts
  • Organization & Communication of Ideas
  • Business
  • Science
  • Education
  • Social and Behavioral Science
  • Health
  • Humanities
  • Technology

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