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WKU MBA Tuition Waivers & Discounts

The Professional MBA (PMBA) program is unique in that it offers tuition waivers or “discounts” not available to other programs. These PMBA tuition discounts/waivers fall into 3 categories:

  1. Chambers of Commerce with which we have an agreement - discount for partners (PMBA only)
  2. WKU Alumni Association - discount for active members (PMBA only)
  3. WKU Employee Tuition Waiver Program

We are happy to offer these discounts to an expanding group of area Chambers of Commerce and most recently to our WKU Alumni Association. We believe we each add value to one another in the cooperation that is the basis for these discounts.

DISCLAIMER: A $500 discount, like that provided under the WKU Alumni Association and the specified Chambers of Commerce, can be a significant help to those paying tuition. However, there are some limits to the PMBA discounts. The different PMBA tuition discounts/waivers (Chamber, Alumni, WKU Employee/Family) cannot be combined. A student cannot use more than one discount during her or his program. There also is no “cash value” of the discount/waiver since the waiver is simply applied to the tuition bill as specified. For more information about the specific discounts/waivers please click on the following links: Area Chambers of Commerce Discount (link) WKU Alumni Association Discount (link) WKU Employee Tuition Waiver Program (link)

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