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Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble Audition Music Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble Auditions/Instructions:

Please prepare the excerpts below, as well as the scales, listed for your instrument.

  1. Record yourself playing the two designated major scales (see list below), the chromatic scale, and the audition excerpts. Sight-reading will not be included with this set of auditions. Percussionists will not perform scales
  2. You may use your cell phone, a computer, or a video camera to record your video. A cell phone or computer with Internet access will allow for ease of uploading to YouTube.
  3. Make sure that YOU are visible from the front (head-on) in the video. Audio recordings without video are not acceptable.
  4. You may pause the video between each part of the audition but ALL parts of the audition MUST be recorded on a single video. No exceptions!
  5. Experiment with the placement of your recording device in order to gain the best video and audio quality.
  6. Once you have finished recording your video and you are happy with it, upload your video to YouTube and designate it as UNLISTED (NOT PRIVATE or PUBLIC).  See below for additional information about uploading a video to YouTube.
  7. Copy the link to your UNLISTED YouTube Audition Video and continue to #8.
  8. Submit your name, instrument, and your UNLISTED YouTube video link at the following website:



Monday, December 7th at 11:59 pm

Additional information:

Scales should be performed in a consistent manner regarding articulation, rhythm and with a steady tempo. Play all scales two or more octaves if possible.  This helps the faculty to assess your tone, pitch control, and technique in all registers.

Flute - Db Major & D Major

Clarinet - F Major & G Major (Concert Eb & F)

Oboe - Db Major & D Major

Bassoon - G Major & A-flat Major

Saxophone - C Major  & D Major (Concert E-flat & Concert F)

Horn - G Major & A-flat major (Concert C & D-flat)

Trumpet - A Major and B-flat Major (Concert G & A-flat)

Trombone - G Major and A-flat Major

Euphonium/Tuba - Student’s Choice prepare TWO of the following Major/Relative Minor (natural form) Scales (up and down one octave, or up and down two octaves if you can)  G/e, C/a, F/d, Bb/g, Eb/c, Ab/f (Relative Minor simply starts two notes below the Major and uses same Key Signature)

Students wishing to play piccolo, any of the specialty clarinets, tenor saxophone or baritone saxophone will have an opportunity to indicate their interest on the audition submission website.  All clarinets will audition on B-flat soprano clarinet and all saxophones will audition on alto saxophone.  Assignments for piccolo, E-flat clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor and baritone saxophone will be made in consultation with Dr. Alvarez, Dr. Cipolla, the student, and the ensemble conductors.

All audition videos will be evaluated by your studio teacher, Dr. Schallert and Dr. McCurry using the following point scale:

Scale #1 (10 points)

Scale #2 (10 points)

Chromatic Scale (10 points)

Excerpt #1 (25 points or 16.66 if they are three excerpts)

Excerpt #2 (25 points or 16.66 if they are three excerpts)

Excerpt #3 (16.66  - percussion only)

Tone (20 points)

Sight-reading will NOT be evaluated during this set of auditions.

To upload a video to YouTube:
1. Create a YouTube Account (www.YouTube.com)
2. Upload your audition video (A single video should include all scales and etudes).
3. Go to your My Videos page.
4. Select the video which you'd like to make an unlisted video.
5. Click the Edit button to access the video's settings.
6. Go to the Privacy section of the page.
7. Select UNLISTED (NOT PRIVATE).  This makes your video accessible to you and anyone that has the link.
8. Save Changes
9. Copy your UNLISTED YouTube video link and paste into the video link box when prompted at the website below.


Additional Questions?  Contact Dr. Schallert at gary.schallert@wku.edu



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